Oh Who Cares

As of writing this I’ve now ran 25 PVP battles in World of Warships. (Maybe the NPC Destroyers made life too dangerous in PVE?) After an initial run of being on the winning teams I’ve quickly fallen into the average 50/50-win loss ratio. The dangling hook has gone, seemingly around the time when I purchased a month of premium time on my account. (Or maybe more accurately when I hit the level that allowed me to start fitting ship upgrades.)

You can keep track of my sad exploits here:


I’ve stuck to Light Cruisers and Destroyers, so have seen my role as scouting out the opponents and moving around the capture points. I have a tendency to die early during the reconnaissance stages, as I push myself to be more aggressive than my nature would normally dictate. When two destroyers suddenly see each other at 6km, closing at a combined 70+ knots, things get messy quickly. If I get past that initial stage however I’ll often end up in the top 2 or 3 of the team, making worthwhile contributions. Several times I’ve been able to hero a win solo.

The interaction with other players is different than in EVE.

There is very little coordination or chat at the level I am operating in. So little that I don’t habitually watch for it. I have only had a single match where someone gave me authoritative requests that made sense and that I followed. On occasion a team will all move as if everyone knows what they are doing, and will usually win by a large margin. Mostly however the teams are a bit haphazard, with a wide range of skills, aggressiveness and levels of common sense. It is not unusual for a game to be decided by 2 or 3 players just falling quietly into a supportive group and working well together while the rest stumble around on their own. I expect that will change in higher tiers.

It is a surprisingly solo type of game so far – where you certainly work as a team, but on your own (better or worse) terms.

I have noticed disparaging remarks in chat thrown my way, although relatively few. It is the sort of thing that might have embarrassed and rattled me, but I have actually found I really don’t care. I’ve never noticed someone calling me out for the many stupid things I have done – instead it will be because I ignored their demands or they didn’t like the position I was in. If I spawn outside capture point C, I’m not going to cross the map because some random battleship Captain outside of capture point A yells. As for my positioning, there is always a reason I am where I am on the map. I might be capturing, I might be keeping opponents detected, I might be following advice I saw on YouTube. Often I will just be repositioning to try and get out from under heavy fire. I’ve won a couple of games by heading in the opposite direction of everyone else and capturing an undefended base.

I am sure I am making lots of less than ideal decisions. I haven’t played the game for a week yet. Mostly however nothing is said. For what little abuse I have noticed, I am finding in World of Warships – as in life, that the louder and more obnoxious a person is, the less they seem to know what they are talking about anyway.

I wonder if the game attracts an older group of players – as the battles tend to be slower paced and somewhat more tactical in nature? If you make a hash of your attack you can sit around for 30 seconds or more before you can fire again. Surely that wouldn’t please a younger age group?  I am not surprised a type of EVE player enjoys the game.

I noticed the other day you can rate other players in a match – it seemed simplistic, just a couple of positive or negative choices such as was helpful or abusive. I wonder if that impacts the battle match maker system? It is not like EVE where you can send an EVE Mail or follow the same person around abusing them. I expect there are probably forums and webpages where people try to shame other Warship players, but since the matches are random it is not like you will regularly be running into the same people. Having just said that – looking at this site it suggests the population of the server I have to use – Asia, tends to be relatively low:


Maybe I will be crossing paths with the same people over and over.

I know it might sound corny, but the main reason I have been less bothered by other people’s reactions is because I know I am doing my best. I take note of my ships statistics, what are the ranges of my weapon systems and detection. I try to follow the role of my ship, but adjust my tactics as well as I can to suit the other ships around me. I try to fit in with what other team members are doing, I focus my fire, and I am mindful of tunnel vision so am always keeping an eye on the objective. In the 50 odd matches I’ve played in total, I don’t recall ever hitting another team member with torpedoes or gun fire, and have only once given the mildest of grazes when I hit someone for a few points of damage. If that is not good enough for another player, then tell someone who cares. There is a level of liberation and freedom in that mindset.


The Tier III Wakatake Destroyer – a ship on paper that should be less fun than the Tier II Umikaze – but isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Oh Who Cares

  1. I don’t play Warships – but I see Mabrick does and appears to be doing quite well. Can I suggest hitting him up for some advice (specifically to do with the 35 round broadside/no damage point you mentioned in one post)?

    • It is Mabrick’s fault I am playing the game – it was watching his YouTube clips for some months which got me started.

      I will keep plugging away at the game. I am hoping that there is some anti-griefing balancing done – to explain my ineffectiveness. (Otherwise what is there to stop top players from grabbing the lowest tier ships and going on rampages to grief new players for the laughs? Or maybe I’ve just played EVE for too long..)

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