Quick Change of Fortunes

You get a very different story out of your PVP in World of Warships than what you get out of EVE.

I had two recent battles which took what I thought was good appropriate game play, and tossed me to the bottom rankings for each fight.



The first was on the Fault Line map in my Tier IV Kuma, a Japanese Light Cruiser I have only recently started to use. (Not to great effect I have to admit.) It was a standard two base domination battle. I spawned to the south west and was glad to see a couple Destroyers near me, relieving me of the requirement to be a forward scout.

There was no in game chat or plans mentioned, so I trailed the two Destroyers as they headed towards the western side of the map – to provide them covering fire. We were joined by a second Light Cruiser, and oddly by a third Destroyer. The heavier ships in our squad all headed towards the east of the map. (Probably annoyed they had no Destroyers in front of them.)

Our little flotilla quickly ran into a couple enemy Destroyers with two Cruisers in support. I did not pay attention to which type of Cruisers – my knowledge in that area is still poor, but I noticed they out ranged me by a couple kilometers.

I dropped shells on the enemy Destroyers as they ducked and weaved in and out of visibility, putting pressure on them as they skirmished with our Destroyers. Carefully avoiding torpedoes and constantly changing direction to avoid the shells falling from the Cruisers, we made the damaged enemy Destroyers fall back with little damage taken by us. We then advanced forward towards the Cruisers, who with a long island at their back had limited maneuvering options.

I was carefully and erratically zigging and zagging as I approached. The enemy fire falling everywhere but on me. Just as I was getting into my main gun range I did a quick look around for situational awareness. I noticed the other light Cruiser was passing me – heading forward in a straight line. I chuckled to myself as I labelled him Rickon Stark; then boom, detonation! I went from near full hits at 22K to 0 Hit points in one enemy salvo. All my considered game play ended with me at the bottom of the battle rankings having had little statistical impact on the game.


The second battle was on that awkward Solomon Islands map. It was my first outing in the US Tier II Destroyer Sampson, which on paper had no redeeming features and a horrible torpedo range. I was hoping to spawn on either side of the map to give myself some chance to get familiar with the ship, but I found myself in the south side of the map closest to the horrid straights between the main islands. I had no choice but to head in that direction – which meant I was obviously not going to last long.

Thankfully the Solomon’s slow acceleration and low top speed meant that I did not even get close to capture point B before our opponents reached it. I circled outside the straight a couple of times, sending some wild torpedoes in just in the unlikely event someone popped their noses though and into their measly range. Smartly the enemy stayed back, thumbing their noses at me.

I knew there were at least two enemy Destroyers and a Cruiser in the straights. Another Destroyer in my team entered the straights from the opposite side, but immediately ran into withering fire and was dispatched. His torpedoes did however manage to take out one of the opponent’s Destroyers, and had caused the other two ships to move off their stations.

Taking the opportunity with this (mild) disarray, I charged forward. Well, more accurately I sort of chugged slowly across the bottom of the straight. I was met by the second enemy Destroyer who did a parallel run to me, obviously firing off his torpedoes before opening up with his guns. I knew with my straight direction and inability to maneuver with the island immediately on my Port side, that I would be an easy target. Timing it as well as I could I dropped smoke, stopped my engines, and fired two torpedoes at the Destroyer (to help push him away), and two at the Cruiser who was up against one shore. I hoped the enemy’s torpedoes would harmlessly pass in front of me and I could then move forward and make my escape.

A cunning plan with what I had available to me – except I had not taken into account the other Destroyer Captain’s horrendous aim. I knew from the angle of the torpedoes as they approached that he had fired them right at the start of his turn, before I had popped smoke or stopped. If he had aimed correctly they would have sailed safely past in front of me, but instead all 4 of his close spread Torpedoes hit me midships as I came to a stop. That left me sunk – and because my Torpedoes did not hit anything, again statistically insignificant and at the bottom of the battle’s rankings. If I had of just sailed on I would likely have escaped the straights. I had taken on lessons learnt in previous games, and ended up too smart for my own good.

I’m not sure that makes for interesting reading, but the outcome of the battles stuck with me with a cut and thrust you just don’t tend to get in EVE PVP. You make more decisions in World of Warships, especially around your maneuvering and position behind cover, and the battles feel like they have – on the smaller scale, much more drama to them. EVE PVP can be agricultural in comparison, particularly given how often it is one sided.

Of course, unless I re-read my blog later, I will soon forget these battles as their story is replaced by different versions of the same, day after day. EVE PVP however – particularly at the infrequent rate I partake, seems to leave an impression that can last years. I assume it must be a mix of the risk involved, the relative rarity of it, and the commonly long preparation required before hand.  It is not just pressing a battle button and waiting a minute for a fight to start.

One thought on “Quick Change of Fortunes

  1. Welcome to World of Warships. Every battle is a completely singular event. Because you are relying on fellow players, each battle (even if on the same map with similar ship) has a completely different feel/outcome. I used to only run cruisers, now I almost exclusively run destroyers. destroyers are almost always in the hero or zero slot due to the relative ease with which the enemy can destroy you, while you have massive damage potential and can take out battleships in single pass (if correctly executed). good luck, and enjoy there are a lot of interesting battles ahead of you.

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