What happened to my hook?

I’m not far off 50 PVP Battles in World of Warships, and the game hooks I suggested at seem to have disappeared in a rush.

While I feel I am playing the game better, particularly tactically, my statistics indicate I am getting worse at it.


I’ve found I am struggling to hit anything in my Tier 4 Japanese Cruiser (Kuma), and my statistics with the Tier 3 and 4 Japanese destroyers (Wakatake and Isokaze) would be similarly poor if not for some regular open water Battleship kills.  Obviously I am up against better opponents who are able to fit upgrades and flags and train their captains – but I don’t think this explains it fully.  At close quarters when I am hitting frequently, I’m just not doing any damage.  I’ve had long duals against the same or similar ships, where I’d hit them constantly with barely a scratch.  Through twisting and turning I avoid most of their incoming fire.  When they do hit me, I’ll lose 20% of my health, have a fire started and have some equipment incapacitated.

Feeling as if I had hit a bit of a wall and with a loss of confidence, I went back to looking at YouTube videos.  While obviously not anywhere near as skilled, I generally did not think I was making a hash of what I was doing.  I then tried working on the US line of ships – mainly the Chester and now the St. Louis Tier 2 and 3 Cruisers.  In these lower tier fights I was again hitting more often, but still only doing anemic damage and rarely triggering anything extra.  I’ve had several examples where I have made 30+ hits on broadside opponents – a couple beached at close quarters, AP and HE, raking up and down the hull and superstructure, trying to find some sweet spot, but getting no where.

I might well be talking out of my ass, but I assume at the moment that your service level rank in the game impacts your effectiveness against lower ranked players, outside of just tier of the hull.  I am currently at rank 10 out of 12.  Maybe – getting a premium account early and having a reasonable idea on what to do in the game, shot me up quicker through the service ranks than other players?  Maybe the lowering of these hooks / handholding as you progress wouldn’t have felt quite so much like hitting a wall if I had advanced slower.

I might have just been having a bad few days.  I will keep pushing on.  If I am right in my thinking, there will be a tier to operate at where the other players are all on average ranked about the same.

2 thoughts on “What happened to my hook?

  1. Why are my stats all dropping? Very complex answer for you.

    1. The matchmaker in lvls 1-3 doesn’t really play much into the Win Rate.
    2. At lvl 4 and above the MM will match you up based upon your demonstrated skills and W/R, if you are trending well you will get a team of potatoes. If you want to win that match you will have to carry, even if you are the lower tier ship and the junior CO you will have to carry.
    Conversely if you are trending down for several matches in a row you will get tiered with a team of carriers if they are on and you will wonder why or how you only land 6 hits but your team decimated the other team.
    3. Lvl 4 ships except when in the hands of an expert are out matched by most lvl 5 and 6 ships, anytime you fight 2 levels up you are at a distinct disadvantage and you have to play slightly differently.
    4. Your ship Captain’s skills start to play a very large part of the match. You will soon come to the conclusion that you need a specific Captain for specific ships with specific skill sets at each level to perform at your best within that match.
    5. You have reached the point where any ship can kill any other ship but you MUST know UNDERSTAND and play to each ships strength and weakness especially if you are 1 on 1. Tier 6 AP will crush your KUMA as you see, at that game level the other more experienced players are looking for you to give the a broadside so they can 1 shot you. Normally that shot comes from max range as there is some other player holding his range and his shot just waiting for you to give him that 1 perfect shot. As you say above you are wiggling but as you get more time you will come to recognize that if the guy off your side trying to line up the perfect shot your +/-30 degree course change is not enough and he is just waiting and leading you. Stay closer to the islands, cut off the long range snipers.

    Lots lots more I could say but you get the jist, more practice with a bit more practice followed by some more practice and you will see your stats start back up. Your curves are pretty standard for a new player.

    Ps without watching a video of your play, try to slow down your shots a bit and work to make each one count more.

    • Interesting feedback.

      I have noticed what you raised in point 3. While I don’t recall ever fighting a Tier 6 ship, I have noticed a bigger difference in effectiveness than expected between Tier 4 and 5. The stats don’t always paint such a picture – so I had assumed they probably had much better trained captains (and more player skill) than I do.

      I still haven’t quite worked out the right timings to get in amongst the islands. If I go too early in a Cruiser the Destroyers tend to catch and sink you with Torpedoes. If I go in too late, you get caught out in the open by all the long ranger heavy stuff.

      I do plan on keep practising.

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