Here’s hoping

CCP released a follow up Dev Blog about their clone states announcement.

The most important bit in my view is the confirmation that the first phase of Team Genesis’ new player experience will arrive at the same time as the Clone States updates.  I’d have thought it would have been better to arrive before, but thank god some aspect of (hopeful) improvement will be there for any fresh new players.


2 thoughts on “Here’s hoping

  1. If upcoming new player experience iterations are designed to function with Alpha Clones in mind (i.e. locked into a specific race), it would make sense to institute Alpha and the NPE changes at the same time. Interestingly, from a Capsuleer perspective, “going Omega” more or less means breaking free of your race. “Sure, I used to be Minmatar, we’re all born somewhere, but now I’m Omega, born again and thereby released from the restriction confines of first birth.”

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