One Hundred

I’ve hit 100 PVP battles in World or Warships. A reasonable effort given I am not normally enamoured with PVP style games. It came out at 50 wins and 50 losses.

I’ve been spreading myself around a bit with my port currently housing the following:

American Tier IV Destroyer Clemson
American Tier IV Cruiser Phoenix
German Tier III Cruiser Kolberg
Japanese Tier IV Destroyer Isokaze
Japanese Tier IV Cruiser Kuma
Russian Tier III Cruiser Bogatyr

I like the American and German ships better so far – with their reasonable turret traversal and good rate of fire. Admittedly their small guns don’t do a great deal of damage, but they are forgiving of bad aim and allow you to walk the fire in on top of your enemies. I am regularly landing 50 to 100+ hits from my main turrets each battle, which makes the game more fun. In comparison the Japanese guns are more frustrating to use, often unable to keep up with the ships own turning or passing ships at close quarter.

I don’t even mind the shorter range Torpedoes in the American Destroyers. They forced me out of trying to play the conceal and long range game I was using (ineffectively) in the Japanese destroyers. You have to think more tactically – both about your ambush options, and when you break cover and make a run across open water on solo ships.

The game is an interesting mix of simple and complex, luck and hard work. You can play one match and be a complete legend, landing every hit and putting yourself in the perfect position time after time. Then you start the next match feeling great – only to die from the first salvo of the game. Or worse than that – you run around the entire next match not hitting a thing or doing anything of value for your team despite trying your best.

Please Stay

I logged my Alt account in for the first time in a month.

I had changed the subscription period from a year to half yearly, and it is now three weeks from renewal. I did that at the time as it covered my 10-year anniversary (which is coming up shortly), but I wasn’t sure I would need the account beyond then.

Being honest with myself, I have not got my money’s worth out of the account for a while now. I use it occasionally to sell off loot or pick up supplies, and it did provide worthwhile boosts during mining challenges for the Serpentis Event, but otherwise it sits dormant. It would be useful for when I am out of Hi-Sec, but I am still suffering those deadly 12+ second blank screen undocks when I first start a session, so I haven’t been operating in those areas.

After a little thought I decided to continue the subscription, but changed it to 3 months. That will cover the November release where I want to be able to test the bubble boost system. I will reconsider my options then.

That left one other task – what skills to throw into my main Alts training queue. It turned out he was less than 24 hours off completing one of my skill mini-goals – which was to have no skills at level I, II or III. I think I decided to do that so that the skill tree looked neater and lined up better. This time tomorrow he will have 341 skills, 153 ranked IV and 188 ranked V.  (With some 183M SP.)

I checked out EVEMon, but he no longer has any outstanding skill plans. I fell back to the vague goal of perfecting the Gallente Ship Tree.


He had finished off Torpedo Specialization V recently, which gave me mastery in a couple extra ships, but he was missing some rank V skills in various ship hulls. His queue ended up with the following:



When that was complete I went through my Facebook feed and noticed this news blog from CCP:

They are rewarding you with some relatively inexpensive items if you stay subscribed from now until November. That is – curious. I’m not sure I’ve seen CCP do something quite like that before – please stay for 2 months, we will reward you.  A little extra loot for me I guess, but it would not have influenced my decision making.