10 years and 1 day

While I have mentioned it a number of times over the last few months and it has been at the back of my mind, I managed to forget that yesterday was my 10-year EVE Anniversary. I don’t think I even logged in.

It must have been a good few months for EVE around a decade ago – a number of Bloggers I follow have also recently hit the 10-year mark.

I find it extraordinary to think a computer game has managed to hold my interest for such a long time. Up until the last few months I have played fairly consistently. I guess that is the power of a good MMO – above and beyond what most PC, Console or Mobile games are able to achieve.

Looking at the API information on my Main Account, it has logged in 6,414 times for 8,849 hours. That equates to 1.75 logins and 2.4 hours of play per day across a decade.

That is noteworthy even without considering that I’ve had up to three Alt accounts active. My main Alt Account for example has been logged in 3,362 times for 2,414 hours. Even assuming the majority would have been concurrent with my main, it paints the picture of a considerable time investment put into playing EVE.

On top of that would have been a substantial number of hours spent reading, writing, listening and watching EVE related media across all the different sorts of online platforms you find it upon. That would add up to a, well – shocking amount of time.

What the hell have I been doing? What might I have achieved in life if I had not invested so much in an imaginary world? Remind me never to mention these statistics to my wife – I am sure there would be grounds for a divorce in amongst them.

EVE has given me three things. First is entertainment – a distraction and downtime from the stresses of life. The second has been – even as a solo focused player, a community. A common shared interest with thousands and thousands of other people. The last is a little more difficult to explain – it has given me a platform to learn more about myself and people in general. That probably comes across as too cerebral, but as I have written about on this blog, there are many interesting aspects to how we interact with and through this game.

So what does a 10-year-old, unfocused, jack of all trades master of none EVE character look like?

You can see it for yourself here:


194 odd Million Skill points across 399 skills – 204 at level V.

I am not sure what the future holds. A nice round 200M SP for starters.

Searching to Contribute

I was caught out by my Null Sec Base office rental steadily increasing without me noticing. I had to send my main Alt down there via Clone jump to clean it out and close up. I’ll reopen when the price drops.

It took me a while to try out the new event sites. I noticed initial complaints about them erroneously impacting Amarr standings, so left them be. That all seems to have been resolved, so I ran a few this weekend.

I haven’t done any research into them, but so far they only seem to drop one of a wide variety of white Amarr ship skins. I’ll run them if I see them in the local system, but I don’t plan to go hunting for them.

I’ve passed 170 battles in World of Warships. I hit a real roadblock with the Tier IV Cruisers – all of them, not just the Japanese Kuma I was talking about before.

I found I struggled to hit anything and suddenly seemed to be paper thin, dying far too quickly and easily. I was always languishing around the bottom of the battle rankings.

Some of this related to the configuration of the new hulls, such as losing some of the main guns to be replaced by rarely useful Torpedoes, slower turret traversal, and starting out without the upgrades. Having to partially retain the Captains also impacts your initial effectiveness.

Some related to the quality of opposition, which seemed to take a bit of a step up at that level.

Some related to how I was trying to play the game.

One of the more obvious and important tactics in World of Warships is to focus fire – just as it is in EVE. It was around the point where I stepped from Tier III to IV ships that I made more of an effort to group up with other players.

I initially started out by focusing on giving the Destroyers support – but more often than not I just ate a hull full of torpedoes without contributing.

Then I tried hanging back with the Battleships, but that left me out of range and often the primary target of incoming fire. Once again I contributed little.

Last I tried to hang in between the main group of Destroyers and Battleships – which improved my Battle ranks from dismal too mediocre, but it was still rather unsatisfying.

Finally, I’ve stuck with that type of play – but focused more on my positioning around islands. Ducking in and out of cover, changing targets as you move around, capturing or assisting if you have the opportunity but being more willing to break engagements and temporarily retreat, pushing destroyers away when you see them, and stay on the lookout for targets on lower health or the obvious focus of others on your team – all the while being mindful of the strategic goal of the battle itself.

It is a sort of team focused individual game. Obvious when you stop to think about it. It took a bit of patience, but I am now regularly in the lower top half of the battle rankings, which means I am tending to contribute, which I am ok with.

I find the destroyers much easier to play – although have to be in the mood for them.  As was said recently in a comment, they are a hero or zero type ship to play. You are either dead quickly and at the bottom of the battle rankings, or you sink ships and capture zones and find yourself with lots of experience earned.

Last of all I have started out playing Battleships, which are a whole different sort of game play. I had not planned on trying them until I felt I had mastered Destroyers and Cruisers more. Interestingly, instead of distracting me, it has helped me better understand how to use the smaller hulls.  In a Battleship you love when Cruisers hang out in the open, and you hate when Destroyers ambush you around Islands.

I have a rough budget of $30 a month for online games I am getting a lot out of. In the first month of World of Warships I paid for 30 days premium and a small number of doubloons. Nearing the start of my second month, I have now paid for another 30 days premium and picked up a Murmansk premium ship. I am enjoying testing out the various aspects of the game.