I see white ships

I am not particularly enamored by the Purity of the Throne event sites. They are obviously popular – more than 80% I warp in to are already being run. That means however I am flying through 8 to 10 Hi-Sec systems for each empty site. Given there is nothing particularly special about them I ended up using the market to sell and buy until I had collected the 9 skins I was interested in, still coming out with a profit. That moved me from 8 to 17 permanent skins applied – only a small fraction of skins available. I hadn’t realised I was being so discerning about my use of skins.

I am going to have to pay more attention though – I am going to lose an expensive ship one day to forgetting to turn on my repairers when moving through systems hunting for event sites.

I was worried to see that the EVE Fitting Tool (EFT) hasn’t been updated in four months now. Gripen has been slow to push out releases before, but it is a reminder about the risk CCP takes leaving necessary core game functionality to third party developers. I know they are meant to be working on an in-client version of EFT, but the skeptic in me thinks it might be like their in-client version of DOTLAN EVE maps.

I’ve now downloaded the latest version of the Python Fitting Assistant (Pyfa). I have never been entirely sold on Pyfa, but credit due for the continued and active updating.

5 thoughts on “I see white ships

  1. Heh, I was running an escalation in low sec earlier and was alone in a system with half a dozen sites that remained untouched. And, as I noted in my own post, I was able to hunt them in Querious unmolested. The place is a ghost town.

    I am concerned about the whole 3rd party situation as well. I noted in a post how much CCP depends on the good will of its audience. That was a while back and I was wondering then about EFT. But, as you note, we also have Pyfa, which finally got an update recently. However, now EVE Mon is falling behind and it has been pretty quiet on that front. Managing skills in game isn’t as bad as it once was, but it would be a blow to lose EVE Mon. And what happens if something like DOTLAN EVE Maps goes away? Meanwhile, CCP has frittered away resources on an in-game map that looks great, but which is less usable than the current map was back in 2006.

    • Running sites in Low / Null tends to be a different proposition for a solo Hi-Sec visitor – as opposed to a local. You need to both get in and out of the area safely through regularly camped bottlenecks, or hope for a fortuitous wormhole. Once there you have no intel channels or backup, and are far more likely to be actively hunted when you are noticed. Nothing like the thought of an easy, safe from revenge kill to get people x’ing up.

      However, while it is not as easy as “oh, just get out of Hi-Sec”, none of that is insurmountable. In this case the rewards for running the sites were not – personally, worth that effort or risk.

      The state of the 3rd party situation worries me too. EVEMon was frankly critical for me in the first 6 or 7 years of playing EVE. A fitting tool like EFT is still critical now. Third party tools do come and go. I remember using Ombley’s excellent 2D EVE maps to get around in game for years, but they were replaced by the slightly less attractive but more functional DOTLAN. Looking at my EVE software folder just now, I’ve used a diverse range of EVE asset, market and planning tools over the years that arrive then disappear. Without trying to be being overly dramatic, the problem will be when the key tools don’t have a replacement or backup option. EVE would be a less enjoyable game without DOTLAN.

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