A higher wall with holes in it

I’m starting to hit the Tier 5 hulls in World of Warships, which has coincided with a string of consistent and often one-sided battle losses. I remarked that the step from Tier 3 to 4 took quite an adjustment, but here the change has been even more dramatic.

To start with I am finding myself on new and unfamiliar maps, which puts me at a distinct disadvantage. I am also finding myself bottom tier in matches with tier 6 and 7 ships, which completely outrange, outgun, and out skill me.

The tactics have also changed – I’ve had matches where everyone just dives for the nearest favourite island and sits behind it sniping. My more aggressive way of playing is often severely punished in such matches. Even when I am playing at my very best, I struggle to get into range of the opponents, to hit them when I do, or to make any sort of difference to capturing.

It would be a very demoralizing brick wall to run into – if not for the holes. These are the Tier 4 to 5 matches you thankfully still get, which provide you the wins, experience, and frankly the fun required to move forward with the game.

The chatter has ramped up a bit more in the higher tier matches – or should I say, the complainers. So far I find around 5% of players say something productive or nice, 10% are immature wankers, and the 85% remaining don’t say a word.

In the 260 PVP battles I’ve played, I’ve typed in chat three times. I said “Stick together” – on a 2v2 match I had, “No” in response to if I was detected, and “Sorry for that” when I almost torpedoed a team mate. (Although in my defence, his ship was 18 knots faster than mine so he had closed quicker than I had anticipated).

I am still unsure on the longevity in the game. As I step up through each Tier I can’t say the game suddenly gets more fun. I can see from the experience needed to buy higher level upgrades and ship hulls that there will be a real grind required. It is at least giving me a distraction while waiting to see where EVE is going.