I did something I haven’t done in quite some time – I “threw” a game down in disgust and walked away. I had a run of 8 straight battle losses in World Of Warships. Only one of them even looked like a win – but we managed to snatched defeat out of the mouth of victory by not staying in the cap zone.

I am finding Tier 5 ships, especially Cruisers, to be very frustrating to play. I haven’t found a way to be reliably effective in the Tier 5 to 7 battles. I have lost count of the number of times I have been one and two shot off the map by some Battleship 437km away from me, or had some Carrier pilot find me in the first 30 seconds of the game and perfectly bracket me on all four sides with 214 Torpedoes.

Yes – much frustration.

I went back to (lower tier) Battleships to get some idea on how I should try to avoid these quick deaths – but I can plink away at a broadsided cruiser all day and rarely get a citadel, yet it seems almost every bracket that lands on my Cruisers take 15,000 to 20,000 hits. I can twist and I can turn, I can follow the tactics of the ships I myself can’t hit at range, but I’m still getting nailed time after time.

Yes – those are tears. Enjoy them if you wish, they don’t seem to have the same impact in World of Warships as they do in EVE.

Some of this is bad luck. I always seem to end up in the numerically inferior force when running down a flank or towards a capture point. Some of this is me not listening to my inner voice. It is common for my last thought before being sent to the bottom to be along the lines of “This is probably not a good idea”. I am also, obviously, making mistakes. When you are advancing and dancing in and around Islands, you need to think about your next 3 or 4 major changes in direction, else you stumble unable to maneuver out into the open in front of the entirety of the enemy force. Still – and this is the crux of my frustration, it feels like my game play is being punished too harshly.

After starting the day 0 wins and 8 loses and walking away, I came back to complete a further 11 battles. I came away with a more respectable 7 wins and 4 loses. In a number I managed to keep my low health Cruisers alive and causing damage for far longer than I had a right to, and in three Destroyer battles I managed to accumulate 5 Carrier kills.  That included a very satisfying pair that involved dodging multiple attacks then firing a Torpedo salvo from one side of the ship at one, then immediately a second salvo from the opposite side at a second, sinking both.  I then got sunk by one of the Carriers torpedo bombers after getting myself aligned perfectly to escape them, then somehow hitting the full ruder turn and killing myself.  Never mind.