Odd match ups


This was a rather odd match up in World of Warships – a 4 v 4 Domination Match (where you have three capture points to contest) instead of the usual 12 v 12.  While I have had some odd 2-4 v 2-4 battles, I’ve never had one with Aircraft carriers.  The match was decided by the Hosho – who both boldly went for Capture points on his own, and smartly prioritised his targets.  The Phoenix and I managed to dispatch the Carolina and Karlsruhe, and the Nassau with help from the Langley took out the Myogi.  The Hosho first took out the fast moving Phoenix, then the damaged Nassau as he made his way across the map taking two capture points.  He then took out the Langley who had steamed off on his own instead of trying to combine both of our anti-aircraft capabilities.  This left me steaming at a slow 20 knots across the map trying to get in range of him – but I was sunk on his 6th Torpedo squadron attack.

There is something I’ve noticed in the lower end (Tier III and IV) Battleships – it seems more important to angle to allow as many of your guns to fire as possible than to angle for protection.  In the battle above the South Carolina always carefully kept themselves straight on – but this meant they could only bring 2 turrets with 4 guns to bear.  I on the other hand was able to bring 6 turrets with 12 guns against them.  I would usually fire the first Turret to ensure my aim was true, then salvo the remaining 5 Turrets.  Whatever extra damage I was taking for being aligned to allow all guns to fire was easily outstripped by the larger amount of damage I was applying.  This has worked out with all the Battleships I have used.


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