I’m in a bit of a quandary with EVE at the moment. The reality is I am no longer playing the game.

Oh I log in at times to run the latest event sites, but that is not really playing EVE. That is just making short use of the latest theme park content. The sandpit aspect of the game requires you to be chasing goals of some sort, which I don’t have, and haven’t had for quite a while now.

A part of the reason for this relates to where and what CCP have focused its development efforts on for more than a year. I distinctly dislike the new space homes for solo use, and little else has been of interest to me or how I play the game. Part relates to simply having played the game for so long – 10 years now, and the been there, done that feel. Part relates to playing solo – and not having the option to sit back and allow others to generate content for you.

I am in a glass half full mindset about this – appreciative of the time and entertainment I have got out of the game instead of feeling bitter or wanting to go all pyrotechnic. I’m comfortable and happy enough to keep my main account subscribed for now – I am still reading the latest Dev Blogs, various social media sites, and keeping myself informed. I am undocking and doing things in game at times. I can see myself getting a half day of fun out of the game here and there, enough to justify the continued subscription. I’m not sure however I can ever see myself getting serious hours out of the game anymore.

Now here in now lies the predicament. By my own measurement, heightened by currency changes over recent years that make the game 30% more expensive, I really should let my second account lapse. I have used it literally only mere hours productively over the last 12 months.

I have two characters on my second account. A 39M SP Industry Alt and my 187M SP Main Alt.

Do I just let the account lapse and leave the two characters dormant? I can PLEX the account if I need for a month here and there. I could always log into the account after November in an Omega Clone State, although in a practical sense there would be no need or value in doing so.

Do I move one or both characters across to my main Account? My main can do everything my Industry Alt can, aside from creating Alliances, so that move is not really necessary. My Main can also fly everything my Main Alt can, with the only glaring omission is around 9M SP in leadership skills. That won’t really be useful playing a single account, so moving them is also probably note required.

I thought idly if I should try and register myself as an EVE Fan site, and have the second account costs covered. I’ve been blogging about EVE consistently and for long enough, and I certainly seem to contribute as much or more than many of the Fan sites I have previously looked at. I did try once many years ago, but at the time the staff behind the scheme were changing and I never got a reply. In the end however that felt disingenuous giving my state of mind. Also – I might feel slightly awkward speaking my mind, or feel forced to make posts, if I felt beholden to CCP in some way.

When I went from 3 to 2 accounts I shuffled a character around and biomassed two others after extracting skill points. One was my secondary Industry Alt, the other a PVE/Scout toon. I have missed neither. Do I do the same here? Move to having just one account and one toon? A true Hermit so to speak?

So what am I losing by going to one account? I won’t really be able to use Capitals any more – you can’t light a Cyno with an Omega Clone. I stopped using them when the jump range was shortened, but I did just read in the last day or two that apparently the range of normal Capitals was going to be increased from 5 to 7 Light Years in November. That might make them a little more interesting. I won’t be able to use the various Leadership skills – or command bursts or whatever they will be called now. I have only used them a few hours over the last year, so again no great loss. It will trap me in my Alliance – if I wanted to move into another Corp. I could however just skill up a basic place holder Alt if I really needed. I will lose my Out-of-Hi-Sec scout – useful for when I play around in NPC Null Sec. I am not really doing that however because of that annoying 10-15 second blank screen on first undock each session. I also won’t be able to mine as effectively – but I don’t mine often now, and I certainly don’t do it for ISK any more. I will also lose some convenience of not having another account to haul or sell goods, although I could do that using a spare slot on my main account.

At this point I will probably Biomass my Industry Alt, and leave my Main Alt unsubscribed for the moment.

Doing a comparison, my Main has all the skills of my Industry Alt except Megacorp Management (3 against 5) and Empire Control (0 against 5). These skills were used to create my Alliance. I don’t specifically need them, but it would feel odd going backwards in capabilities. To get my Main upskilled to rank V in Megacorp Management requires 903,765 SP, and then rank V in Empire Control a further 1,554,595 SP. I think I will use SP from my Industry Alt to do this.

I can extract 33.5M SP from my industry Alt using 67 Skill Extractors. That will cost around 18B ISK.

My main only gets 150K for using a Skill Injector. It will take 17 injectors to train up the missing skills, 8.5M SP burnt to get 2.55M SP, losing almost 6M SP. Not ideal, but it feels the right way to use the Character’s legacy, and I certainly don’t want to spent time retraining those two skills.

That leaves 50 injectors to sell on the market, making roughly 30B ISK, or 12B ISK profit after the cost of the extractors. I will need some sort of very basic hauler and trader on my main account who can hold my Corp and Alliance if required, so I might see if I can mold that Alt into what I need, or use the extracted SP to build a new purposed Character. I also thought I might also be able to use the second account once it is lapsed to develop a new Alpha Clone character.  They do get Corporation Management 1, which might be enough?

Just for interest I looked at what I would need to do to inject the skills my Main is missing from my Main Alt. There are around 25M SP – 6 in Gunnery, 9 in Leadership, and 10 in Spaceship Command (mainly a lot more rank V skills).  25M SP would take 165 odd Skill Injectors. I could farm 360 from my Main Alt. The extractors would cost 97B, and selling the remaining ones would earn around 117B ISK, leaving a profit of 20B ISK. Seems a somewhat sad outcome for the character.

That leaves me one other dilemma to contemplate. About 30% of my worth at the moment is from ISK gifted to me from departing players. Should I spread that around to some of the other players and organisations who are more active than I am and will be?

Even winding down in EVE is far more complicated than most other games.

(One last thing before I forget, this is not a rushed process where I need to fear doing something I will regret.  I’ve been waiting more than a year for EVE to tickle my fancy again, but it hasn’t.  It is time to bite the bullet.)