Not Fit

I’ve spent a lot of time in space over the last couple weeks – crisscrossing regions, moving things around.

I’m regularly passing through Madirmilire and have noticed Code Alliance member Lei YingLu has almost always been there.


Every so often the pilot will be flagged as a criminal. Unsurprisingly when you look at their Killboard, you can see a history of Hi-Sec Suicide Ganking over the last two months. The tool of choice seems to a Vexor hull and fittings worth around 21M ISK, targeting T1 Haulers carrying 200+M ISK.

While Killboard data is not entirely accurate, the picture painted is hard to dismiss.


2.2B ISK lost, 78.0B ISK damage inflicted.

Going through some of Lei’s kills, it is apparent that the Loot fairies don’t like them much. It wouldn’t surprise me that if after costs (including (I assume) security tags to allow them to stay in Hi-Sec), that they mightn’t even be getting a 20% return on the losses they are attributed to be causing. Still – at least 5 to 10B ISK earnt a month is nothing to sneeze at.

Glancing through his kills however I keep seeing examples like this, over and over:

Untanked and even unfitted haulers carrying 100’s of Million ISK in cargo. I find it a bit flabbergasting.

Lei obviously has friends or Alts scanning passing traffic. I also noticed a couple of times that when Lei had a criminal flag, pilot Anya Sutodla in the same system had a suspect flag. Looking at their Killboard it would appear that they are used to loot the wrecks left after suicide ganks. Going suspect obviously means they too are then being blown up – a factor I’ve included in the low-ball percentage rate of return.

I’m not sure a sudden influx of inexperienced Alpha clones is going to suddenly mean the Suicide Gankers and Griefers are going to be extra busy – the omega Clone pilots are already taking up all of their free time.

The things you see and think about while flying around.