Home Sweet Home

This is the background I see when I undock from my new home system in EVE.


As part of the process of shifting back to one account, I’ve moved into a new Hi-Sec Home Base. I’ve discussed this notion of a Home Base before. This is where I keep my main training clone, all those collectibles you pick up over the years, various assets I keep for the memories, and a collection of spares.

My first Home was in Salashayama in Derelik. It was 9 jumps from Rens, 23 to Amarr, and a long 32 jumps from Jita. It was inconvenient in that regards, particularly as I started back in the days before jumping to zero was a thing. It might seem an odd term to use – but there is a hardship to being so far from the major trade hubs, particularly when you don’t have Corp or Alliance mates to share the hauling load with.

From memory my next main Hi-Sec home was Alkez, in the same region but a little closer to Jita.

I then moved to the similar named Akes in the Devoid region. This is where I spent some time playing around with PI and backwater Trading. Again it was a move closer to Jita.

In November 2014, two years ago, I moved to Fora in Domain. This was a great little quiet system just 3 jumps from Amarr and 11 jumps from Jita.

Yesterday after more than a week of spread out hauling, I finished moving around 25B ISK worth of assets into Tasabeshi, just 4 jumps out of Jita.

It has a lot more traffic than I am historically used to, but given its location not as much as I expected. Shopping will be a breeze, there are lots of agents available, and I get to live with the Guristas for the first time. It will require a little bit more care and attention, but I needed that to wake me up a little when I undock.

The move took well over 1,000 jumps – all done manually. I used a variety of hulls to shift my assets. Most of the heavy stuff went in an Orca with a couple runs in the Occator Deep Space Transport, and most of the light stuff was moved in a Viator Blockade Runner or a Victorieux Luxury Yacht. I tended to keep most of the load values within 500M ISK, although that sometimes stretched to around 700M. The single highest value load was around 1.4B ISK, and were mostly BPO.

I ran backwards and forwards through the Amarr – Jita pipe, over and over again. I saw plenty of Gankers and passed wrecks and large clusters of Concord ships, but was never troubled. I assume this was due to being in fast, manually flown ships, some thought to cargo values, some thought to fittings, and an indeterminable amount of luck.

Now to settle back down to sorting through my stuff, looking particularly at the ships I keep. What they are and how they are fit changes when you won’t have an Alt around.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yeah, if you’re running missions, watch the ECM. There is one particular L4 mission (The Blockade iirc) which is an utter sod,jamming frequently and pounding you for quite high DPS from 80km+ range. Two rooms of it. A marauder can do them without too much issue, but otherwise…. I used to hang around Gekutami for the longest time. Then Code started bumping in the ice belts, competition for sites in the Forge became extreme, and CCP changed stuff that seriously nerfed the solo industrialist lifestyle. So… shifted to a VERY quiet part of space with the fortuitous advent of a couple of WHs. Have been mostly offline since though it must be said.

    • I’m intrigued to see the level of ECCM (well, scripted sensor boosters) I’ll need to ensure the NPC’s don’t get too annoying. Be something different anyway.

      I’m aware there will be more competition and griefing this close to Jita. I’ll just see how it pans out. Where I was ended up being too sleepy.

      Meanwhile give yourself a small goal or two and get back online!

      • I’d love to, but the drive isn’t there. Not after 8 years. I think I’ve stated before that I only have time for one game in my life at present. Though I’m kind of splitting it between two, given a couple of sets of friends play different ones. We shall see. Nothing has grabbed me like EvE once did. Unsure lightning in a bottle will happen ever again. I live in hope.

  2. I’ve never moved my station container of collectibles. Accordingly, each new collectible I obtain eventually gets a trip back to the ancestral estate. Though troublesome, it’s also wonderfully nostalgic, “This feels familiar. I remember this place.”

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