I do not consciously read the odometer in my car – but every so often I will suddenly be drawn to it just when it passes a milestone. A nice round thousand, all the same number, a repeated pattern or the like. I assume you subconsciously see it as you check your speedo, but your brain doesn’t bring it to your attention unless it is unusual.

It tends to be the same with my EVE skill points. Today while checking my Jump Clones I was unexpectedly drawn to my skill point total, which had just trundled past 200M.

Not that long ago I would have met this with a bit of fanfare and a touch of excitement. With the arrival of Skill Injectors however the feat seems to have much less meaning. In fact – after I had loaded some SP from one of my Alts (to “transfer” Empire Control V), I’d felt somewhat like I had cheated.  Maybe 200 is not really 200 yet.

My EVE activity at the moment is probably best described as pottering. I continue consolidating my assets, most recently clearing out duplicates in my Memorabilia container. I do like being so close to Jita though – being able to quickly sell off surplus stuff, and to pick up fittings I am missing. I also updated another ship fitting in response to my likely more dangerous new home – fitting a Hull tank to my Noctis salvager. I’ve also fitted up and been running some exploration content in a Jackdaw, which I have not used much in the past.

CCP have said they won’t be advising of how long the downtime will be for the Ascension Release (scheduled on Tuesday 15th). They want to do whatever testing they feel is required before opening the game world. I’m not sure they have ever done that before.


There will also be a dramatic increase in research, copy and manufacturing times for big blueprints for Capitals, Structures, Supercarriers and Titans.


It reads that it is to offset the bonuses from the new engineering structures. That seems to nerf the Solo Industrialist who makes normal Capitals out of stations.