Clubbing Kittens and Baby Seals and Puppies

Code have announced an event that runs from after Ascension is deployed until downtime on the 31st of December.  Details here:

So far there are seven prizes, all focused on Hi-Sec kills.  Four are for people using Alpha Clones.  I guess you could see that as a way of encouraging new players into the world of CODE.  That’s fair enough – no problem with that.  Not sure many new players will find themselves in the EVE Events and Gatherings forum, but you never know.  Mostly I expect it will be Alts for the already CODE inspired.  Four prizes are directed at POD destruction, and one on ship destroyed value.  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing worth even noting aside being slightly more cautious.

However – the very first prize mentioned is for killing as many brand new registered pilots as possible over the next 7 weeks.  Often these will be the inexperienced, generally defenceless, and likely ignorant pilots CCP is trying to encourage to join EVE.

I have a very pragmatic approach to EVE.  I don’t mind that CODE exists.  I accept some of them have religious levels of self-justification.  I try to ignore them when they excitedly masturbate over killmails that look lame to me.  Overall I think they and their events add something to the game.  All fine.  I can’t however work out what spin you could use to say that the targeted and deliberate griefing of likely brand new players will somehow do more good than harm.