Are exploding ships overvalued?

I’ve often wondered why it is commonly espoused that exploding ships is some sort of panacea in EVE.

The notion or fear is that if ships don’t explode, the games industry and economy will ground to a halt.

Isn’t that rather simplistic, and not matched by the economic reports released each month?  There is almost always more ISK coming into the game than leaving it.  Why hasn’t industry stopped yet?  Yes, destruction and replacement is very important, but it is only part of the equation.

What drives the manufacture and buying of new ships – aside from destruction? New players, old players with new skills, changed rules, new doctrines, speculative trading and so on.

What effectively removes ships from the game – aside from destruction? Some reprocessing, but more left unused and forgotten in hangers, and even more disappear when people stop playing.

I’m not sure exploding ships is the be all and end all holy grail people hold it up to be.

2 thoughts on “Are exploding ships overvalued?

  1. I am going to have to go pro-destruction here. Sure, a large group like the Imperium declaring a new doctrine can boost sales as a few hundred people buy new ships and fittings. But that is just a quick burst and tapers off as soon as everybody has their new ship. Destruction is what keeps the market going after that.

    Five years ago CCP put out a dev blog that said over the previous four years a ship was being destroyed every six seconds in New Eden, with some 21 million ships and structures having exploded during that time. While the population of New Eden has fluctuated since then, having gone up and then fallen, I cannot imagine that somewhere along the way destruction ceased to be a huge, if not the absolute largest, economic driver.

    • This was a devil’s advocate post. I don’t subscribe to the thought ship destruction isn’t important or needed (which I thought I was clear on).

      You can see very large numbers of kills in dotlan and zkillboard, which don’t even cover all deaths. A disproportional number do seem to be related to factional warfare and smaller T1 ships.

      However – the monthly economic reports show roughly 2.5 to 3 times more is produced than destroyed in the game.

      The point of the post was to muse over what’s happening to all the excess? Does it get burnt as POS and Citadel fuel? Is space filling with structures that never get killed? Is the data wrong – in the sense production is repeatedly counted over and over as more complicated objects get built with components already calculated as being produced.

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