Unexpected start

I was logged into EVE late last night looking at some of the changes with Ascension. I got to talking with a pilot who had just logged in as an Alpha clone. They had played EVE previously but were not in a financial position to subscribe. They had logged in as soon as the game went free to play. They lamented the price of PLEX and remarked on some of the political changes in game. They then wondered if they could earn enough to PLEX their account using their restricted skill set. I suggested they focus on finding fun instead of worrying about grinding a PLEX straight away. They paused and remarked that it wasn’t as if they had a time limit anymore on getting a PLEX.

I truly have no idea how the Alpha Clone state will impact the game, but it was nice that the very first interaction I had after the expansion was a player returning to look around who otherwise would not have. Here’s hoping they stick around.

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