Fresh Air

It has been a month since I decided to drop back to one account. In that time, I’ve decommissioned several alts and their assets, sold off ships and gear set up for multi-account play, abandoned my NPC Null Sec base (I didn’t want to stay without access to a scout), and moved almost my entire collection of EVE gear 15 jumps to be closer to Jita.

There has been a surprising and unexpected feeling of liberation with this transition. I hadn’t realised how much of a weight I felt in trying to maintain multiple characters. The game has been constantly changing in recent years, and ships, fittings, implants, training and assets all had to be regularly adjusted across half a dozen characters. It was tiresome and I had fallen well behind.

As I have mentioned before, one of the steps in this process was to look closely at what skills my Alts had that my Main did not. In moving back to a single Character, I did not want to lose access to a skill or module or ship that I had already trained for. I had already done this with my Industry Alt, and the only thing missing was being able to create an Alliance. I used Skill Injectors from that Alt to pick up the required skill.

I’ve now gone through that process with my Main Alt. For the most part they just had a dozen odd PVP related skills to rank V that my Main only had to rank IV. I could still use the same gear, just not quite as well. I did not feel I had to make up that gap. The area of difference was the Alt had all the Leadership Specialization skills to rank V, and my main had none. I purchased 6B ISK of Skill Injectors off the market and trained the Warfare skills from Rank IV to V, and the Warfare Specialist Skills from Rank 0 to IV. That covers off fitting T2 Command Burst modules like my Alt was able to.

I think the only thing I am missing is the ability to use T2 Mindlink Implants on my Main – something that at the moment I don’t feel like I can justify in injecting or training the required SP for.

I still have about a month left on the subscription of my second account – but now that I’ve completed my Command Burst testing, I’m not likely to have a use for it. Its last function will be to get me a second copy of the Ascension gifts CCP is meant to be giving out today.

This whole project has been interesting. It has got me to log in and be more active in game. It has fed into my EVE To-Do List and made it healthier again. It has left me feeling a little more rejuvenated, and more ready for another year in EVE.

One thought on “Fresh Air

  1. Congrats and welcome to a better a game. At least that is my view. At one stage I had five simultaneous accounts running. Which is basically a self-contained mining fleet. What I discovered is that it ceased to be a game at some time, but rather a second job. With the goal of keeping all of the plates spinning on staves – I mean mining enough to be able to afford to plex four of the five accounts. There was also 5 alts using assigned drones to mission blitz. But it was still a job. So I closed four of the accounts, retaining my main.

    My alts did have alternative skills which my main does not. e.g. alt#2 can fly marauders, which my main cannot, and still cant. The only skill missing from the main was Freighters – which I have since trained for, to be independent. Two of the characters from alt#4 and alt#5 were merged to my main and alt#2. About the only thing I use this characters for to expand my Planetary Interaction production.

    For the most part I do not miss the alts. So in April this year I re-subbed two of them – I was on vacation with more time to play. Because I put real life funds in the table, I felt compelled to playing the game. (a unique experience of multi-piloting for a Incursion fleet I am not keen to repeat). But after April, I have allowed them to lapse again.

    With the now ability to access this accounts as Alphas has been an interesting experience. I might move a few of the hulls to my main. but long term? Most likely I will go back to solo, shuffling along with missions and industry.

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