250 Pages Back

The document where I keep all my Blog notes was more than 250 pages long again. I cleaned out some of the oldest pages this morning. Most were from around 2012. Some of my thoughts at the time which I may or may not have posted about:

. I was pleased with the addition of a button to allow you to warp and jump with just one click. I think warp and dock was also added. I remember having to carefully time clicking on the “jump” button as you came out of warp – in case you bounced off the gate and shot off into space at high speed. Always annoying in a Freighter. When I first started playing EVE the closest you could warp to an object was 15km. If you wanted to warp to a gate at 0km, you needed to have a bookmark 15km the other side of it. Those were the days. When that was changed the PVPers of EVE were up in arms, saying it would make the game too easy and ruin it.

. I was complaining about the cost of upgrading my Clone. We no longer have to worry about that

. CCP remarked in CSM meeting notes that a notable number of people PLEX their accounts

. CCP was thinking about ways to merge the Market, LP Store, Contract System and the New Eden Store (called NEX back then) into one. I wonder if they are still thinking about that

. EVE is not a game, it is a hobby

. I remarked that I was much more comfortable playing EVE solo, but that it excluded me from whole areas of the game, and meant I would not likely have the opportunity to play a part in the events that become game history (still true)

. I couldn’t work out why Market manipulation was so easy – that people would cut 50% from the sale price of their 1,000 units to get in front of my single unit selling at fire sale prices. It still works that way.

. I said that every so often I get the urge to liquidate most of my assets and simplify things. Still have it. Been doing aspects of it since.

. I discussed my T2 manufacturing, and having to move various items into different regions to have suitable turnover and profits

. I remarked on how the path I followed to pick up and drop off my trading stock zigzagged over major trade routes to ensure I didn’t come through the more dangerous gates for suicide ganking. (I still think about such things)

. I complained about the new Inventory Interface – but felt happier as they added the ability to open up separate windows again. It was however still buggy when you undocked or jumped through gates and had your windows move and change type.

. There were 4,405 Characters whose active ships were supercarriers. Most were Nyx, the least were Hels. There were also 2 active Revenants.

. I ran my EVE client in a 1920×1080 window. Now it is 3000×1800.

Little wonder people re-joining EVE after many years are finding things very different.

One thought on “250 Pages Back

  1. This was an interesting read. I have recently returned, and I was disoriented with all of the changes at first, but I can certainly appreciate them.

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