And then there was one


I am now down to one pilot in my Corp / Alliance. That is kind of fitting.

I finished decommissioning my last Alt. I stripped some SP from the character from skills I will never use. That effectively covered the cost of loading the Fleet Specialist skills onto my Main. The pilot was left with 172M PVP focused SP, so is still useful if I wanted to reactivate it.

I have managed, despite going from half a dozen to just one pilot over the last few months, not to lose access to any skills.

I’m currently in the process of stripping away much of the bling on my traditional Exploration ships that I have or will use around The Citadel region. They were just a little bit too juicy of a target.  The modules fitted to my Astero for example dropped in value from 170M to 58M ISK.

Speaking of The Citadel – the exploration pilots seem to be far, far less courteous here. The majority seem to contest sites if you are already running them. If I am to do a lot of exploration in the area I will have to refit my ships for maximum DPS and speed – or change to bigger hulls and fit for PVP.

I watched the latest o7 show earlier. It is available on twitch here:

It started off with 10 odd minutes (at least it felt that long) of player ads. Most were reasonably well done. The show itself seemed more polished than usual. There was nothing detailed about what is next happening in the game  – in fact, I didn’t write a single note down while watching it.  It was enjoyable enough anyway.

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