Not the hot you want

I have a gaming laptop I use when I travel and as a backup to my desktop PC. At the moment it is a 2-year-old MSI GS60, with an i7 CPU, 16GB Ram, a 3GB GTX870M graphics card, 15.6” 2880×1620 screen, and a 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD. It is capable, but doesn’t get much use. As I do semi-regularly, I had it turned on the other night to get the latest anti-virus definitions, apply Window updates, and ensure EVE was patched. While running the EVE client the laptop’s fan was roaring. I happened to brush the side of the laptop on this particular evening and was startled by how hot it was. I kicked off Speccy and was surprised to see the GPU was running at over 90 degrees Celsius – even sitting on a laptop cooler.

That’s not healthy.

I glanced through the EVE graphic settings and found everything was set to High. It wasn’t that way the last time I looked, but that would have been some time ago. I have vague recollections of resetting the client when trying to find a solution to the blank screen on undock issue (which I still have). I played around with the settings to bring the temperatures down while still having the game look good. It is worth remembering just how important it is to keep an eye on your GPU temps when playing EVE.

The GUI Temp on my Laptop:

42c – Idle

91c – EVE running with all Graphic settings on High

55c – EVE running with the Optimized Performance setting

73c – EVE running with the Optimized Performance setting, but the following increased – Post Processing to Low, Shader Quality to Medium and Shadow Quality to Low

I’m going to have to reinstall and setup Rainmaker so that I always have a visual indication of my GPU temps on my desktops again.