Monitoring Temps


As I mentioned the other day it is a good idea to monitor your GPU temps when playing EVE.  There are lots of (free) hardware monitoring tools available, such as Speccy, Open Hardware Monitor,  HWiNFO64 or Speedfan.  (Obviously make sure you download direct and deselect any optional installs.)  The problem is that you have to remember to run them, and they take up a lot of screen space.

There are various programs that allow you to set up little screen or desktop widgets to display such information.  My old favourite is Rainmeter, which allows skins with (effort) an amazing level of customisation.  I installed the 4.0 Beta version and went looking for some of my old setups.  I had previously used Open Hardware Monitor as my source for temperature data for Rainmeter but that no longer seemed to work.  (It may have related to one being 64 bit, the other 32 bit.  I’m not sure.)  I decided to switch over to Speedfan – which required setting it up as a scheduled task so that it automatically ran in the background.  Using Benzene from an older version of the OrganiC skin, I was able to create a simple meter to monitor the GPU temps (colour coded), with RAM and CPU thrown in for good measure.

Now I just need to transfer it across to my laptop and get it working.

2 thoughts on “Monitoring Temps

  1. Was there a change to graphics settings with Ascension? I had to reset and adjust my accounts recently as well.
    I am using MSI Afterburner with a custom profile. I had to find something to keep the GTX 960 fans from hunting and over-speeding. Both accounts open and in the captains quarters is always a good test.

    • I’m not sure when it happened – but finding both my laptop and desktop client graphics settings on max when I know it is not how I have historically had them is odd. The fact I’ve noticed the fan noise / higher temps hints that it might be more recent, or something with Ascension runs the cards hotter so it is more noticeable now. Or it could just all be coincidence. Anyway – as with all these little things in EVE, you find a workable solution, adjust, and move on.

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