12 Days of XMas Gifts – but for who?

From December 14th, for 12 days, CCP will be handing out Christmas Gifts. Each gift will only be present in your redeeming system for 24 hours so you will have to log in each day to claim them all.


One thing they did not appear to specify was if both Alpha and Omega accounts got them or not.  I assume from the lack of details that both do.  I’d wondered how CCP were going to approach that.  Having to log in daily probably works best.

We should also be seeing some new fireworks.  If they are the ones shown in the image in the Dev Blog, they are going to be rather cool.

CCP are also going to re-balance Rorquals by cutting back Excavator Mining Drone yield by 32%.


That seems like a big nerf – the sort that makes you wonder how they got the initial values so wrong.  I think I read somewhere that since the Ascension release Rorquals could mine as much as 8 Hulks.  Now it will be 5.  If correct, again, rather surprisingly big values.  They will also be increasing drop rates related (I think) to the Excavators, to hopefully make them a little less expensive.

I am flat out busy in Real Life at the moment, so haven’t been able to do as much in EVE.  I am currently running some Level 1 Mining missions because, well, I’ve never done them before.  Once I get 16 I will move on to Level 2 missions, and so on.