Nothing to report

The last o7 show of the year is available.

Not a great deal in it, although some of the proposed future Fireworks look cool. They relayed some EVE statistics, including that so far in 2016, 7.1M ships have been destroyed while 56.6M have been manufactured. I hope I heard wrong – that really doesn’t make any sense.

I am logging in each day to collect the Christmas Gifts across 3 accounts – 2 paid and 1 alpha. Interestingly there are differences some days on what each account gets. Today there were no gifts and nothing mentioned on the launcher. I noticed CCP say on Facebook that the gift was a 15% discount code to be applied to their new EVE Store. They probably needed to advertise that more – I expect people might be wondering what is going on.

I am not doing much in EVE at the moment. I had a play around with the Sunesis, and more recently I purchased a Porpoise to test that out.  I’ve done a little bit of mining and a little bit of exploration.  I had two old friends return to EVE recently.  One was playing around as an Alpha Clone and chatted for a few days, but appears to have stopped logging in again.  The second made use of a discount subscription offer from CCP, but he also went quiet after a short while in the middle of trying to consolidate his assets.