A lack of Malice

I had an appreciated impetus to try something new in EVE. My Alliance has had war declared on it – to allow the taking of my Custom Offices.

The attackers are a 60-odd member non-PVP focused corporation, one of who has recently read this blog. (Shout out). They seem pleasant enough.

The timing was inconvenient – I was only alerted to the war 12 hours in, and had to do my initial preparations after midnight and then in between organising dessert for a New Year’s Party. I also have a couple family functions and travel to get through before I have much free time.

Unless the attackers do something really stupid, I’m not going to be able to do much about the Custom Offices. They took to the first one with two Rokh, a Bhaalgorn, Harbinger Navy Issue, Dominix, Vexor Navy Issue and a Coercer.

So, what can a solo player do in this situation? I’m inclined to find out. I have plenty of patience and nothing better to be doing with my EVE time.

I managed to buy a Freighter and move in a bunch of supplies into the area just before the war went active. I also reactivated my Main Alt account. (How long did that last in an Alpha state? Just over two weeks?)

We will see if I generate some blog content or not.