The new and not so shiny

As luck would have it, my twelve month subscription on my main EVE account had almost expired. I grabbed another 12 months and was able to pick up the bonus 120 days of multiple character training that CCP is currently offering.

I’ve mentioned before – but I have previously had an unskilled Alt called EveHermit. I didn’t use the pilot, but it stopped anyone else impersonating me and gave me options if I wanted too. I unfortunately had to delete the Alt during a process of consolidating accounts, needing its slot to allow the transfer of other Alts.

As luck would have it, no one else had grabbed the free name. (I say that tongue in cheek.) After sculpturing a look and setting up version two of EveHermit, I was thrown into the new, New Player experience. This should be interesting.

I dutifully followed the instructions on looking at different objects, zooming in and out, and covering basic movement.


Very early on during the process I was asked to loot a wreck. I was then asked to close the inventory window. I did – but it wasn’t acknowledged by Aura. I assume this was because I had already opened the inventory window before looting the wreck. I opened and closed the window a number of times but I couldn’t move forward with the tutorial.

I logged out of the game and restarted.

My starter Corvette dropped out of its emergency warp back into the site, and I was back at the start of the New Player Experience.

I started through the first steps again but then there was a loud bang and the entire site despawned.

Scratching my head I then noticed the Operations Info Panel now gave me an option to warp to another location, which I did.

I dropped out of warp into a new instant of the site – once again back at the start of the New Player Experience.

This was getting a little tiresome.

I started the process again and a few steps in, BOOM. The site despawned again. What the?

I was again given the option to warp to the third instance of the site, once again with the new player experience back at the start.

I went through the process again – thankfully without explosions, but once against got stuck with the game not accepting I had closed the inventory window. This time I had not opened it in advance. In fact, I was careful to do nothing but exactly what I was told to by the client.

Scratching my head again and thinking what the hell – the only thing I could think of was that I had moved the Inventory icon onto the Neocom, and was using that to open the Inventory Window. What would happen if I opened the Inventory Window via the Neocom menu instead? When I subsequently closed the Inventory window Aura acknowledged the task as complete and I was finally able to move on.


I’ll have more thoughts on this later when / if I manage to finish the process.

WoWS – I finally reached mediocrity

It took almost 700 battles, but I have finally wrestled myself into the mediocrity of a 50% battle win rate in World of Warships. This was after languishing around 47% from battle 100 to 600.


There are excuses outside of just being a poor player, particularly in my preference towards using Cruisers. In reality however I was just not playing the game in an optimal way. Like Homer or Bart Simpson, I would repeat my failing tactics over and over. Not because I couldn’t see there were better ways, but because those better ways lead to a less satisfying game.

I didn’t relent and play differently, instead Wargaming changed the rules. They added some skills, tweaked some ship attributes, and I was able to mitigate some of the punishment from pushing forward earlier in the game. Instead of dying soon after first being detected, I now often get the chance to push, retreat, adjusting and push forward again a number of times over. That means I am more often a positive contributor to my team, and that seems to help with the average win rate.

Yes – I am cheering 50%.