What you can Afford

I am still plugging away slowly on my EveHermit Alt. I finished the New Player Experience, did the Career Agents, and am currently in the process of selling up and moving to a new area.

Overall this process is much better than it used to be, and you seem to come out of it with enough wealth to get properly started. It is however still nowhere near as complete and polished as it should be. I hit plenty of little roadblocks and confusing areas which I expect would frustrate new players and possibly put them off the game.

It has been refreshing to deal with the confines of low skill points and an empty wallet. I’ve enjoyed setting up ships with lots of meta 1 to 4 modules and having to make decisions based on price. Similarly, I’ve found it interesting to be exposed again to the chatter in Starter systems and NPC Corp. There is a wide spectrum of ignorance to be found – from the obnoxious to the earnest. There is lots of bravado and crap spoken, intermixed with the genuinely helpful. I even learnt something new about the game the other day that I had never come across before – although for the life of me, I now can’t remember what the hell it was.

I have however found myself viewing the Griefers and Gankers differently who make a point of feeding on the tears of the littlest of fish. My main character can afford to play the game with them. I can afford the losses if I ignore them. I can afford to buy whatever ship and fitting I want to lower the risk they pose. I can afford to skip over just what their behaviour represents in real life. It is much harder to do that when each barely fit ship you fly represents a large proportion of your in-game wealth.

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