EVE and WoWS – Charge

The Total Net Worth indicator has been added to the EVE client:


I’m worth about 167B ISK apparently.


CCP have given an overview of how the Upwell Refineries / moon mining might work going forward.


There is plenty to like about it, but again, nothing really for solo players.  You can’t even Ninja mine the Moon chunk asteroid belts without the Refinery Owners getting a detailed log about what you were up to – or likely being able to shoot you in the Belt from the Refinery.

CCP did a second Structure blog which was more self-congratulatory than informative, but there were some statistics and a link to a survey worth looking at.



Unless you are hiding under a rock, you would be aware PLEX changes are inbound.  I’m not going to talk about the mechanics, but I think it is a good idea to get rid of Aurum.  I’m not sure why CCP made so obvious miss steps in their initial Dev Blog.  The first and follow up Dev Blogs are below:




The CSM 12 elections are in full swing (or at least I assume they are).  This year I think my vote will have slightly more value in not being used, so I will be skipping it.  CCPs and the CSMs version of “all play styles” has been proven for many years now to be too limited in scope.


I haven’t looked at the new scanning UI changes – most of my MMO time has still been spent in World of Warships.  I continue my fascination / dislike of the game.  After finally reaching the heights of a sad 50% odd success rating I then lost something like 10 out of 12 battles.  This happened immediately after I purchased a year of premium time – sort of like karma laughing at me.  There were some obvious reasons for this – I was finding matches more difficult again as people came back from ranked battles, people adjusted their play to the new skill options, plus I moved into some new Tier VII ships and onto new maps I’ve never played before.  Despite my wining streak coming to an end, I am finding if I am not sunk in the very first push forward that I often rank towards the top in many of my battles.  I’ve found a particular liking for the US Tier VI Battleship New Mexico.  The tri-turrets seem to work better for how I aim, and it is so slow that it is more difficult to overextend.  Actually – by the time I reach battles it will often be at stalled flanks, and I’ve been able to push my side forward by moving past them in my own version of a charge.  The New Mexico can take a pounding and seems particularly deadly in closer combat.  I’m sure some of these lessons would help me in EVE PVP.

2 thoughts on “EVE and WoWS – Charge

  1. I loved the New Mexico when I was leveling it, tanky, decent amount of guns. But with German BB’s taking over the brawling king title the NM loses some of it’s strengths.
    T5 and up you often get screwed if you are bottom tier in matchmaking so that might have a negative impact on your gameplay. Don’t look at win rate as a useful statistic. I look more at WTR rating, average XP and damage to compare muyself with others.

    • I still prefer the New Mexico over the Bayern, which I am also leveling at the moment.

      Using asia.warships.today for my all time overall averages:

      WTR 915 (below the 969 average)
      Win rate 50.1 (near average of 49.8)
      XP 917 (above the 675 average)
      Damage is 22,200 (near average of 23,000)

      My statistics for the last 153 days put me close enough to average in all measurements but XP, which is still higher than average. It is fairly safe to say that after 792 battles I am about average…!

      I find myself lowest tier more often than not. Playing a cruiser two tiers down on the average opponent tends to be very nasty. The slightest of mistakes and bang, down you go.

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