What does 210 mean?

My Main EVE toon has passed 210M SP. In the New Eden of skill injectors, I’m not sure what meaning that number has. I certainly don’t pay it the sort of attention I have in the past.

At the moment Elmis is training skills I don’t really need but which were previously only on his Main Alt. He grabbed Shield Command Specialist V, is half way through Mining Director V, and is lined up to do Armored Command Specialist V after that. Since you no longer need to be a in fleet to use command bursts, I might find some interesting T3 or Command ship PVE fits to try.

Looking at my training history I have also picked up Neurotoxin Control V and Neurotoxin Recovery V.

At the moment Elmis has 3 rank III skills, 184 rank IV skills and 222 rank V skills.

I’m not entirely sure what I thought of the PvE presentation from Fanfest.

There are aspects I find interesting, cool even. There do seem to be some large risks associated with a final move to this sort of idea though. They are pushing for PvE to be like PVP – which won’t suit all players. I would assume they would need to balance bounty payouts – as it would likely take longer to kill NPCs. I would also assume coordinated NPC rats will mean some content you can solo now won’t be available to solo players afterwards. They also have to get their logic trees and programming right. I wonder if CCP have contemplated hiring bot writers to help them out.