How strategic?

Last week there was an initial DEV Blog about the changes coming to Strategic Cruisers, tentatively scheduled for July 11th. (I’m assuming it will be later – unless they have already made most of the structural code changes and only need to play test and tweak parameters.)

I’ve used Strategic Cruisers for Exploration, PVE, and Wormhole visits – in more Recon / nullification and Assault Cruiser sets ups. Some of the stated goals of these changes is to stop Strategic Cruisers overlapping with Recon and Assault Cruisers, and to nerf nullification (along with other areas). It doesn’t bode well for how I use them.

The party trick they pick up is that you should be able to swap in and out rigs without destroying them.

They will also be simpler, with 4 subsystem slots (instead of 5), with 3 choices in each (instead of 4). That will reduce subsystem choice from 20 to 12.

I assume overall, they will be less effective than they are now, but that you will be able to properly refit them. The scenario that comes to mind is I could do Exploration through Null, find a PVE site I want to run, drop a mobile depot and swap rigs and subsystems and turn it into a proper PVE cruiser, or a PVP cruiser, or whatever.

Tricky to know if that will make up for the current value / use I have for them.

Episode 23 of the EVE o7 show was shown the other day, and is now available on YouTube.

I watched it, but – like a broken record, did not find anything particularly interesting. There was a EVE Scout Rescue Ad half way through that I found cooler than I probably should have.


Last weekend my wife and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents and went away for our 21st wedding anniversary. We try to do this each year. The accommodation we choose tends to have similar ingredients – a cottage somewhere in the countryside, views, a comfy area to sit, a fire place and a big spa.

I had planned to play some EVE each morning while my wife slept in – but the cottage was 10 metres too far down the valley to receive mobile coverage, so I read a book by James Dashner instead.

In the past, this might have bothered me. I might have hung my wireless broadband device from a nearby tree and set my laptop up by a window. Today, the situation barely warranted a shrug.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever truly reach the point, but today I could comfortably and without regret walk away from EVE.  Happy with what I got out of it, happy to move on.

I am not going to – as simply I don’t need too.  My Main account is subscribed for the rest of the year.  In the meanwhile I quietly keep an eye out for any announced game changes which might re-enthuse me, and try to log in every other week to ensure the client is kept up to date.  I can’t really call myself an EVE player at the moment.  More an EVE watcher.

I did unlock the other day to check out the new look Suns. Very swish. I like them a lot.

In the meanwhile – fly safe all.

Happy 14th Birthday EVE

It is that time of year again – where EVE gets one year older and CCP hand out some free stuff via the redeeming system.  (On both Alpha and Omega Accounts – you have about two and a half weeks to grab them before they are removed.)

Not one of their more creative or unique offerings, but the price is right.