Missteps at a snails pace

I remarked back in February how my Alt account kept training an Omega skill after it had switched to an Alpha state.  The support ticket I had opened was simply closed without explanation.


CCP has finally gotten around to doing something about the apparently well known issue – but messed up the process.


They have a special talent when it comes to missteps.

Speaking of missteps, sorry, balance changes, sorry sledge hammer adjustments.


I’d expect balance tweaks to be in the 10% or less range.  20 to 30% nerfs (and I assume even more when it comes to the Rorqual) show the initial implementation got it wrong.  That ends up annoying the people who raised early warnings, annoys the people making use of the initial rule changes who are now getting seriously nerfed, and it annoys people on the outside looking in at the excessive ISK their contemporaries had been enjoying for a while.  Obviously something had to be done – but the whole process has been cringe-worthy.

I’m not suggesting CCP gets it wrong all the time.  They have made a large number of small ship balance and role changes in recent years that they have got right, with only small tweaks required here and there.  I get the impression that when they get it wrong, sometimes it is because they let their own enthusiasm get the better of them.  If they hear themselves thinking “this change will be cool”, then they probably need to stop and reevaluate.

I passed an online social media bio of an EVE player the other day which stood out for the wrong reasons.  In it, they stated their goal and joy came from griefing high sec players and making them quit the game for good.  They seemed genuinely proud of themselves – ridding the game of undesirables.  If without the excuse of a mental illness, that person seems like a right old turd.  God there are a lot of them out there.

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