The plot thickens.

There have been some follow ups to the Ghost Training Exploit by CCP on Reddit. I don’t tend to read Reddit – too toxic for my liking, but EVE News24 mentioned the comments in this article:


The direct link to the thread is here:


(Sorry, this link won’t open a new window, or might need to be cut and pasted.  If I leave it as a normal valid link WordPress automatically creates a large thumbnail to the Reddit article. Not sure how to stop it. It does the same with YouTube links.)

So – back to the original notification here:


I had the assumption that since CCP was specific about the date and time Ghost Training was being declared an exploit, that any use of it before was not being looked at. That is why I was confused about why they would just look at it for a week.

I was wrong. To paraphrase some of the Reddit comments of GM_Lelouch:

“To clarify: We are going after past abusers.”

“..our objective is to go after those who intentionally abused this exploit.”

“You have nothing to worry about if you just happened to benefit from this exploit on accident … There is a pretty clear distinction between this and a skillpoint farm that’s been set up to benefit from this issue.”

“I want to take the opportunity to urge anyone who intentionally abused this issue to come forward by submitting a support ticket.”

And some more paraphrasing of comments by CCP_Falcon

“We now have solid methods for identifying and dealing with the people who’ve been actively abusing this, while protecting those who simply stumbled upon it by accident. I have full faith that our CS and Security teams will take care of this appropriately.”

“I’ve just been speaking with our customer support team, and they’ve confirmed that as part of the reprimands issued against those who’ve been abusing Ghost Training, the CONCORD ships that were issued, or the ISK that abusers of Ghost Training have received from the sales of them, will be confiscated as part of any reprimands that are issued.”

I’m not sure about the accuracy, but some of the comments in various locations on this topic suggest some EVE players have been abusing the exploit using 50 – 150+ accounts.  It is a unique game, with a unique collection of players.

Still doesn’t explain why it was left for so long, but judgement day finally appears to be near.

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