No more walking for you

Captain’s quarters will be removed from the EVE game client in the August release.

You will still be able to see the carefully chosen apparel you wear. You (or anyone else) can just do a “Show Info” on your character, click on the Profile Picture, then click on View Full Body.

There you can spin the image of your character, just like you can spin your ship in a hanger. Not quite as quickly, but doable. CCP could even add a counter for how many rotations you do – just like they did in the hanger view.

(Speaking of that ship spin count – is that still in the game client? I just looked then and couldn’t see it.)

I’m not overly fussed by the removal. CCP completely messed up the implementation of walking in stations, and then made things worse by running away from the feature without making any attempt to salvage it. There were plausible ways they could have added value.  Nothing to be done about it now.

I wonder how much space will be freed up in the client install? Will the code removal make the client start up any quicker? These are probably statistics CCP could have bantered around to make the change more exciting.

I was first alerted to the change by the ever-busy blogger Wilhelm Arcturus – the announcement didn’t seem to reach CCP’s social media profiles I watch. It looks like he will be keeping a list of links to some of the community feedback, like an impromptu blog banter.

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