Maybe more Strategic

The changes to the Strategic Cruisers are interesting.

One of the standard setups I have spent plenty of time on in the past have been probing / cloaking hulls with tackle and an attempt at DPS and Tank. They were geared towards solo day trips through Wormhole Space. I found it took a lot of effort to get past their drawbacks and make these somewhat workable, particularly without spending a lot of ISK on them.

The new subsystems make it far easier to do a Probe / Cloak / Tackle / DPS / EW hunting ship, that appear on paper to be quite workable. Tank can tend to be a problem on some of the hulls, as are slots for weapon upgrades. As CCP’s documentation suggests however, you are meant to overheat to get some of these areas up to par.

The first draft fit across the four racial ships sees the following basic stats, all with Expanded Probe Launcher, Covert Ops Cloak, Boosted AB, tackle and an initial mostly T2 fit:

Loki – 62K EHP (Shield), 619 DPS (Auto Canon / Drones / Light Missile), Sensor Booster
Legion – 53K EHP (Armor), Ancillary Repairer, 434 DPS (Beam), Neut, Sensor Booster
Tengu – 31K EHP (Armor), 382 DPS (Blaster), 3xECM, Sensor Booster
Proteus – 26K EHP (Armor), Repairer, 531 DPS (Drone / Rail)

On paper, they are all better than the old T3 versions. The Loki and Legion in particular stand out as very workable for what I want. I will have to do several more drafts, adding faction gear and looking at replacing the boosted AB with MWD and the Interdiction Nullifier subsystem.  I skipped that on the first draft as it tended to have a very big impact on tank.  My Loki for example went from cap stable / 932ms overheated / 62K EHP; to 6 minutes cap / 1,996ms overheated / 35K EHP.

Nice to have EVE providing some relaxed distraction again – even if it hasn’t been undocked, or even logged in for that matter.


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