An Unsure Bargain

CCP has had a 15% off sale on Subscriptions, which ends today (25th).

I expect I am wrong, but I don’t recall seeing 15% off before.  Normally I thought it was 10%, with the occasional 5% thrown in to underwhelm you.

Anyway – after seeing the ads over and over again in my social media feeds and through services like YouTube, and also reading that the Australian Dollar is in a bit of an uptick against the US Dollar (thanks Mr Trump), I ended up extending my subscription for another 12 months.  I am not sure if that was a good idea or not.  Elmis will be in Omega for at least 500 more days.

While spending money I renewed my WordPress upgrades, so you don’t have to look at Ad’s and what not.  (If you hadn’t noticed I thoughtfully removed ads, best just keep it to yourself.)

World of Warships has constant sales.  Recently they advertised a week of massive savings on Premium Battleships.  Intrigued I went to look, only to find the exact same 20% off they provided every week to selected ships.  Why call it massive when it is the same sale they always do?  At least they do have 50% sales once or twice a year.

Just Jeans here in Australia sends out an email about a sale, extend it, hypes up the fact it is finishing, then immediately when it finished start up the exact same sale again.  Rinse and repeat week after week, month after month.

That sort of thing makes me LESS likely to spend.

With the T3 revamp the other day my unsubscribed main Alt picked up 750K SP.  (My main got 1.2M.)  I can not use them however as you can’t apply them to Omega skills while in an Alpha State.

The person who first got me into EVE is back playing – for a little while anyway.  They got a good deal on a subscription (better than 15%) to try again.  I notice him online at times, but he’s been pretty quiet.  He complained in an email today that he was disappointed that he could no longer mine in Empire.  It turned out he aggressed an Auththysian Lancer in a belt with an unhappy result.  I suggested he leave those alone while in a Barge and he should be fine.  A bit of a gotcha for new or returning players.  I’ve been a little surprised how quiet he has been – keeping to himself as far as EVE is concerned.  I probably sound like a bit of a dick, but I’ve wondered if he is put off by where I sit with in game experience, SP and Wealth.  Until he finished up playing some years ago, he always had an edge on me in SP and wealth.  That is certainly no longer the case.

I had one more EVE session related to the Agency event, but then not bothered to keep at it.  As I said, the rewards are just too underwhelming.  I am still finding Caldari space far less enjoyable to be undocked in.  There is a lot more contesting of sites that, frankly, gets tiresome after a while.

To add some colour to this post – here is a screen capture of me undocked for the Agency event.

2 thoughts on “An Unsure Bargain

  1. You need to get out of highsec and learn with a good Corp. My in game name is Robert Audeles. Send me a mail if you’re interested.

    • I’ve been in and out of High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec, Wormholes and a few good Corps over the decade I’ve been playing EVE. You are correct that playing in a good Corp can make a world of difference – but I can’t commit any reliable time to the game, so can’t commit to a Corp. I play (and blog about) a very casual style of game.

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