I find my life overly busy, rushed and complicated. If I am to be honest, I don’t find that much joy in it. I would much prefer a slower pace.

Outside of divorce, there is not a great deal I can do about it. My wife has a pathological need to fill life with activity that can’t be sated or reasoned with.

When it all starts to feel too much, I tend to resort to physically decluttering. I’ll sort, I’ll neaten, I’ll clean, I’ll throw stuff away, to end up with a little area of calm in the whirlwind that my life can seem like some days. Often it will just be my computer desk – and generally it doesn’t last long.

For many years I would escape to EVE Online for a few hours, but we know how that is working out at the moment. Now more often EVE is coming up as a possible target for my decluttering endeavours.

I need to salvage my interest in EVE, else I take back those 1 to 4 hours a week (mainly reading) that it distracts me, and have my wife spend them on what she wants. There is always some new or return activity on her mind. My Daughter has been asking about doing gymnastics again, to add to her soccer, athletics, roller derby, swimming and karate…

4 thoughts on “Pace

  1. I have, essentially, been playing skill queue online for some time now. The mention of the upcoming Forward Operating Bases and getting my hands on a Marshall are about the only draws I’ve seen in a long time. 9 and bit years, just about to tick over 200mil sps. But sadly, I think it’s too little and a little bit too late….

    • You have got more SP per year than I have managed. I’m heading towards 220, but I am also just about to hit 11 years.

      My reality is that I am not going to have extra time to invest in EVE, so I am stuck in the solo casual mode of play for the foreseeable future. I doubt there will be anything new and interesting in EVE for that style of play for, well, a very long time.

      My only real option at this point is to do what I did earlier today – investigate everything of relevance in each released patch note, making each thing a mini EVE session. Hopefully by undocking it will occasionally lead into further opportunities for playing.

      It will be interesting to see what price the Marshall ends up at, and just what fitting options are available with it. I find a lot of these special ships are jack of many trades, masters of few, or much more PVP focused than PVE.

  2. On the weekend I might be tempted to review the forth coming Refinery. As a long-lifer of High-Sec I am unlikely to ever mine a spice-blow from a moon. Is it worth the difference in refining from what I currently do with a high-standing NPC station? But it is not really motivating for me. Same as Helen I have a watched at 200 plus days of skill-queue have clocked down to 20 something remaining with Wing Cmd V. I am pretty much solo these days – so I do not have a plan. (or a clue). So, why I am training a fleet skill? I do not know.

    In my view the slider moved another touch away from high-sec in terms of returns on activity.

    Maybe there is something to gain from Resource Wars, but I am not excited by that either. The take down of the previous high-sec news and the sudden emergence of this content seems like it has been borrowed from some other game and just slapped on in band-aid fashion. It’s a month from release and there is no sign of being able to test in Sisi.

    • CCP will definitely make it more costly to do refining stuff in NPC stations than in player structures. It is the path they have taken with everything else.

      I’ve been training the fleet related stuff off and on as well, and can’t really justify why. Having said that – you can self boost now.

      I was annoyed by CCP once again trying to slip in group play with the Resource Wars concept. I was so annoyed I kind of had a hissy fit and have pointedly ignored it since. I’ll have to get over myself and read up on what it is meant to be. The initial impression is of something that you are not likely to be engaged with for that long.

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