So Many Skins

There are an astonishing number of skins in the game now.  The list in the client goes on and on.

As you can probably see, I have been relatively selective about what skins I’ve activated. I tend to only grab them if I both like them and the hull they are used on.

Just looking at the very long list of skins available though, I suspect CCP must have been making good money on them to have put in so much of an effort.

I did something today that I can’t really justify in any logical sense. I spent the equivalent of 2.5B ISK of PLEX to pick up the new Spectral Shift SKINs for the three Sisters of EVE Ships.

A fool and their money is easily parted I guess. Having said that, if you have ISK, you might as well spend it on something that helps you enjoy the game a little more.

They do look nice though, and those ships are amongst the core I fly consistently.

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