Space Junk

The next thing on the September release patch notes I figured I would check out was:

“revamped all debris structures found in missions giving them a new luster”

I wasn’t sure if this covers all debris, or just the ones in Missions. I grabbed my Exploration Legion and ran some Level 2 missions.

When I first viewed each debris, there would be a short pause as it downloaded the new graphic assets. This short moment gave you the opportunity to compare the old and new look. The pictures below are the new look of a couple items.

There is a noticeable improvement, although the examples I checked were just sort of ok, and had no wow about them.

I hunted around and found an old screen capture from 2012 with a couple of debris in it for a very rough comparison.

This is an odd area when it comes to improvements. It is worthwhile, it makes a difference, it moves the game forward. However, aside the rare occasion, most people will not see it or pay it any attention.

I guess that is probably the point of it. If they let the appearance of things such as debris fall too far behind the rest of the game, people might notice and point at it negatively.  People having no need to pay it any attention might be an acceptable outcome.

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