Warzone Extraction

For those hiding under a rock there is another one of EVE’s time limited PVE events running at the moment – Warzone Extraction. It is meant to tie in with the release of EVE Valkyrie – Warzone, although that requires a stretch of your imagination to envision in any practical sort of way.


CCP have combined Opportunities with Open event sites in space again.

There are a few guides around, with warnings the NPC’s use webs, scram’s and heavy cap neuting, so you need to fly a passively tanked hull.

You fight against less dangerous Drifters, which might result in some comical losses for more ignorant players down the track when they mindlessly tackle the more dangerous Drifters floating around Hi-Sec.

This sort of thing is suited to Solo play, with the obligatory competition for the sites.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the event, and am probably not going to. The “problem” with Opportunities is that you need to play a certain number of hours and days in a set time period to achieve all the goals. Between an upcoming holiday and losing 24+ hours of time a week to study at the moment, I haven’t been able to log into EVE or World of Warships.

Third world problems.

Still – it is content suited to hermits, so I had to acknowledge it.

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