The Witless

I found a few sources of information covering the first half of EVE Vegas, but then it all seemed to go silent. I’m not sure why.

I noticed a fair amount of gleeful zeal from the Anti Hi-Sec brigade, relating to the proposed new NPC Hi-Sec Occupations. Apparently, Blood Raiders and Guristas Forward Operating Bases will start to pop up in Hi-Sec. They should use the new NPC AI and be some lite and much less rewarding version of the Blood Raider and just announced Guristas Shipyards. To mix things up a bit, if nearby players don’t deal with a site, the NPC’s will start to roam. They will hunt players, attack structures, and camp gates. These roaming groups will require fleets of around 10 players to defeat.

I would expect if it is as dangerous as it sounds, that a small number of people already running incursions will farm these sites and everyone else will just ignore them. If the rewards don’t make sense, then they will be mostly ignored. If that results in people being randomly and without warning ganked by NPC’s when they traverse Hi-Sec systems, then there will be tears, then a proportion of those players will stop playing.

Nothing so far in this admittedly vague outline will result in more people playing EVE for longer. If CCP thinks otherwise, maybe the line of Anti Hi-Sec cohorts energetically self-stimulating their genitals will raise a warning flag. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I’ll have to wait for DEV Blogs to be released with specific details and timeframes. It seems unlikely I’ll by choice be able to interact with such PVE in my Hermit play style.

Of more interest I noticed that EVE Down Under will be an official Fanfest event in 2019. My Subscription currently gets me to February 2019. Should I set myself a goal of attending? Or will the witless have finally pushed me out of the game by then.

*Edit – Lazy blog posting from me.  Looking into it, the Forward Operating Bases will come on October 24th.  They are available to check out on Singularity.  Initial player feedback has been pretty light on, although apparently some have soloed them in a Marauder.  There are too many hours of CCP Twitch videos from EVE Vegas for me to go away and find the original quotes from.  Seems odd such game play hasn’t been announced, maybe the extra danger above was the wishful thinking for future versions of the sites.

6 thoughts on “The Witless

  1. Did you see anything about the new Eve iOS app/game – not integrated with the current Eve servers, but similar in style to the Eve Desktop app. I think I saw it on macrumors or maybe my facebook feed. Not sure if I like the idea – mostly because I can find myself getting annoyed by my wife staring at her phone and so I don’t want to be having another reason to stare at mine…

    • I only saw the brief screen captures and a couple comments. I wasn’t interested enough to hunt down further information. I’m not sure about the audience CCP will get with such a game. What the point is, what their goals are. I play half a dozen iPad games – but they are entertainment I come and go from. They are a quick distraction. EVE is a completely different ball game. I’m not sure how CCP would make them mix in well together.

  2. Hmmm…. yeah not sure about those Forward base things – one has to cater for the soloists amongst us.

    As an aside, just a lament on the ever spreading use of video and podcasts – so much easier and quicker to assimilate certain kinds of information via reading… Dev blog please…

    • I’ve converted ok to Vlogs in certain situations, such as the sailing YouTube channels I quite enjoy following.
      In those situations the visuals and story telling can often work better than traditional written blogs. Video Blogs can also work for EVE and World of Warships if they contain a single topic and go for 15 minutes or less. When faced with hours long ramblings I’m not likely to even start on them. Podcasts have never worked for me. I find I have to concentrate too hard on them. Neither of those medium works particularly well for cut and pasting snippets for future reference.

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