Worth a Read

Sugar Kyle is writing her memoirs on her time being an internet spaceship politician. She has made three posts on it so far – you can find them on her blog:


There is also a sort of preamble post here:


I’ve always liked Sugar’s style of writing. It won’t be for everyone, but I appreciate how honest she is with her readers and with herself.

Bold or Foolish

I have no opinion worth mentioning on what CCP’s latest round of retrenchments means for the future of EVE Online.

I think I have remarked before that I appreciate CCP’s willingness to make hard decisions to change course or address issues.

Having said that – why has CCP had to do so many big rounds of retrenchments and restructures? What big mistakes are being made – more than once, and who is making them?

One hundred odd people suddenly find themselves without jobs. The families of those people will likely be directly impacted – financially and mentally. Their friends and colleagues left at CCP will be impacted, as likely will their relationship with the company they remain working for.

It is no little thing.

It is possible the journey to this moment was made on the back of sound decisions and appropriate boldness and risk. If it wasn’t – will there be consequences for those who led CCP to another mess? Will proper lessons be learnt, or can we expect more of the same moving forward?