I’ve encountered a problem

I got a message from one of my R&D agents indicating they had encountered a problem.

This normally only appears when you speak with them – and I hadn’t spoken to that agent in a long time. As a precaution I did a Datacore run – the first time in more than two years on that character. After expenses and more than an hour of jumping around, I earnt around 300M ISK.

When I first completed the horrid standings grind to build my R&D agent list, I would earn around 400M ISK a month. It didn’t last long.  Due to the evils of passive income, CCP nerfed that a number of times over the years. This latest collection was worth around 12M ISK a month.

I could swap the research around and earn a bit more – but by the time it came to collect the prices would likely have changed all over again.  It wouldn’t be worth it, which I guess is CCP’s goal.