Expedition Frigates V

It has been a week, maybe two, since I undocked and did something in EVE. I can’t remember exactly.

Today I had a look again at the ingredients required to build that Astrahus. I’d made a start by doing some random mining sessions – using a local belt and a mining anomaly that popped up one day. I had also kicked off a couple Planetary Colonies. The endeavour had however lacked the attention to detail I usually put into such things.

Reviewing the BPC-pack I had purchased, I could see I had to get Zydrine and Megactye. With a bit of patience and luck, I can find Zydrine in High Sec Ore anomalies containing Jaspet, Hemorphite or Hedbergite. To get Megactye I’d need to venture into Low Sec Ore anomalies, Wormhole Space or Null Sec to mine.

To that end I spent a bit of time and worked out fittings for a couple Venture Mining Frigates and a Prospect Exploration Frigate. I’ll keep an eye out for suitable Wormhole links, and do some suicide, sorry, Ninja mining. I’ll need to move some near empty clones into the area first.

I went all the way to Dodixie to get a Prospect. The prices were excessive in Jita. One system from home I stumbled across an unexploited small Ore site, and was able to make a start on my Zydrine requirements.

A local NPC rat soon turned up. The Prospect has no offensive capabilities, so I assumed I would have to just tank it. Instead of firing however it just orbited the same Ore I was orbiting, without opening fire. When I returned later with a Skiff it immediately attacked. Not sure what was going on there.

The Mining Ledger was able to show that my haphazard efforts so far had netted 284,000m3 of Ore, worth a bit over 46M ISK. I realised I had made a hash of my initial spreadsheet, and I in fact had no idea how much I had to mine for all the Structure Parts. I suspect most of my work however will be in PI.

To that end I also spent a bit of time on my Planetary colonies. It ended up hurting my brain through. I started a third planet, and continued working on various components I know I will need. I think I’ve almost got the basics covered for the first P4 items required for the first structure construction part.

My skills are slowly continuing to tick over. Interceptors V, Expedition Frigates V and Electronic Attack Ships V completed since I last remember mentioning it. I am currently working on ORE Industrial V. I am sitting on 222M SP apparently.

Now I need to get back to the spreadsheet.


My Astrahus Mineral Needs Met:

27% Tritanium
19% Pyerite
4% Mexallon
59% Isogen
100% Nocxium
46% Zydrine
0% Megacyte

A bit further along than I thought. PI however is much more of a worry.

4 thoughts on “Expedition Frigates V

  1. On the Zydrine/Megacyte you can get some of that from reprocessing rat loot. I had a Cruor BPC drop and managed to get the needed materials from my loose loot can in my hanger.

    • I thought that – but loot drops tend to be pretty poor and it would take a lot of salvaging to collect the required minerals. Risking a Venture in Wormhole space will likely be much quicker and more interesting. I am looting and salvaging as I mine though. Every little bit helps – even if to offset the PI set up and tax costs.

  2. The rat AI is a threat level assess mechanic. Your Prospect has no offence, but the skiff will have combat drones. The great thing about the Prospect is the signature reduction per level. Harder to scan down and harder to be hit.

    Have you looked at the Beancounter series to reduce costs since you are dealing large volumes of materials? I belatedly realized after assembling all of the capital components for a freighter, over a billion in minerals. Those 4% add up eventually.

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