The DEV Blog on the updates to the Agency interface I remarked on in my last post can be found here:


I picked up a new PC three weeks ago. I got someone else to put it all together, but I selected all the components. I stepped up to a Coffee Lake i7 8700K CPU, boot from an Intel m.2 SDD, and have Corsair 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory – all upgrades from what the old system has.  It is also a bit more garish..

(I still need to move in the second graphics card and another hard drive, and re-neaten the cables.)

It is noticeably faster – although not in a meaningful way. Sitting side by side there really is nothing wrong with the performance of my old PC. The update only related to age. After five years of running 16+ hours a day, the old PC is starting to show some stability problems.

I’ve been so busy that I have only managed to migrate about 10% of my data and programs to the new PC. The EVE client has made it across, but none of the secondary tools have. Pyfa will make the move, but the out of date EVEMon and EFT won’t. That feels odd. Like an end of an era maybe? A reminder of how the “Old EVE” doesn’t always manage to keep up with the “New EVE”.