How it is

I took a trip to Jita to pick up any Glacial Drift skins I didn’t mind the look of, and thought I might use.

While there I grabbed some Exoplanets Hunter skins as well.

I’ve read back through the last year or so of the blog, and I don’t have anything new to say about the status of my EVE journey. Something might grab my interest for a session or three, but then I might not log in for a fortnight. I follow a number of social feeds to keep an eye on the news and updates, read patch notes, and follow the handful of older EVE blogs that are still active. I leave myself open to have my enthusiasm triggered by anything interesting.

I guess that can come across as complaining – but it is just how it is. EVE is currently an occasional pleasant distraction.

It is not alone in that regard, World of Warships and Dungeon and Dragons Online fall into the same category.

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