They will be broken

I remarked the other day that I would not be migrating some of my old and out of date EVE tools to my new PC.  I knew there would be a point where they would stop working for good.  That point has now been announced.

May 8th, 2018 – is when the old XML API / CREST will be turned off.  Only the ESI API will be supported going forward.

Armageddon day for some of our old favourites.

3 thoughts on “They will be broken

  1. It will be interesting/disturbing/disappointing to see what breaks, never to be fixed again, when this happens. I am sure there are plenty of third party tools out there that were built when somebody was at the peak of their EVE Online interest, but which then have only hung on over time because the effort to keep them running was little to none. Now we’re going to see who is really still on board and who will call it a day.

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