Still solo if you use mining drones?

I am still sporadically continuing the process to hermit build an Astrahus. By this I mean with just my main character, and not my main with an army of alts.

I haven’t progressed far – but it has had its own positive impact on my game. I had got into the habit of logging in, spinning the ship, then logging off. This back-burner goal has turned every second or third logon into some sort of undocked session.

It really puts into perspective the amount of effort required to solo build a Citadel as compared to the effort to solo kill one. In fact – from a solo / hermit point of view, I expect most things in the game require substantially more effort to build than it does to destroy. It is an equation I have always thought was heavily weighted against my style of play, yet from the complaints you would think it was the opposite in game.

As I continue my EVE career wind down (while I wait for something relevant and new), I have been on occasion progressing one of my other goals. That is to end up with just the one EVE character. A true Hermit. I’ve found once mothballed, I have never re-used my Alts, so I have returned to them one at a time to strip them bare and biomass them. Not maintaining multiple characters has been quite liberating, although it is not always easy to let go of them.

I’ve noticed this popping up – which I am not sure was there before.

I expect that means if you have to PLEX an account to get at any SP below 20M odd that it won’t be worth doing. I wonder if that is a money grab, or if CCP is hoping less people biomass their characters if they still have an enforced useful level of SP.

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