Aiming for minuscule success

We get two common unsolicited phone calls to the house. The first is a scam pertaining to be from the Telstra Help desk (the biggest Telecommunication company in Australia) saying your computer is infected by viruses and that they need to remotely connect to fix it. The second is trying to sell you solar panels. We have got both types of calls up to 5 times a week for many years now. That is – literally – more than 1,000 times each.

I have been in Jita a bit of late, playing the 0.01 ISK wars against bots and no-lifers. I see the same old scams in local that I’ve been seeing for years. Most individual messages are repeated 30 odd times an hour, more than 1,000 times a day. Another area where EVE imitates real life I guess.

I know the argument is that they get a minuscule success rate which makes it worthwhile.  Surely the hit rate will increase however if they were just a little bit more creative?

As an aside – I have found the most relaxed way to conclude the Help desk scam calls is by advising them that I don’t own a computer, or a tablet, or a smart phone. They usually just quickly hang up.  On the rare time I get an incredulous query, I say I use Industrial cleaning equipment all day, and it leaves me with a high level of static electricity that resets electronic equipment when I touch them. While that is not true for me – it is something that impacts my Mother.

2 thoughts on “Aiming for minuscule success

  1. You must not live in a hot real estate market, because we get your two calls plus real estate come-ons wanting to know if we want to sell our house. (My wife is a real estate agent, so this becomes doubly absurd.) The support calls purport to be from Microsoft, which I deflect after pretending not to know what they’re talking about by describing what I see on our iMac’s screen, but I imagine the solar panel calls are exactly the same.

    Jita scams though… I mean, they have to get some action once in a while, either from the gullible or those who think they can outsmart the scammers themselves. But to keep at it for days on end some of them have to be bots and, thus, in violation of the EULA as well as ringing in on the current bot theme that seems to have gripped /r/eve over on Reddit.

  2. Huh… the old static ploy. I usually just calmly, and in a very even monotone, go all tourette’s on em and eventually they hangup. I can do that without spending any real concentration on it and continue with whatever I was into…
    (I actually do do this… and I just realized it may say something about me… not sure what though.) =/

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