We had part of a map after all

I re-watched the original announcement of Structures 2.0 which was made at EVE Vegas last year:

I was comparing it to the recent DEV Blog giving details of what would be coming in Structures 2.0 in mid February:


The Video showed this little thing:

It was a status update on one of CCP Seagulls original road maps – showing us where the game was going with structures.

CCP Fozzie reinforced those last four areas would take years to cover off, but indicated in the moderate future they were working on the Advertisement Centre.  I thought this was an odd choice – but it might simply be low hanging fruit.  The Advertisement  structures would take up the function now covered by depots, cans and TCU’s for players to advertise their Corporations and label space and what not.

Also in the same sort of timeline are Stargates – but not the grandiose future some of us initially thought.  They were described as the structure version of the POS Jump Beacons and Cyno Jammers.

Eventually CCP Fozzie said the Admin Structures would take over ihubs and possibly the Sov System.

I’d forgotten about that Road-map.

One thing I will commend CCP on with Structures 2.0 is allowing Moon mining in WH and 0.5 High Sec Space.  I’ve said before that I think this is the sort of approach they need to do more of.  As I understand it / view:

. They already have the system coded / working, so it should be cost effective to implement

. The Rewards – especially in Hi-Sec, will be minor when compared to Low and Null Sec.  It is more about the experience than the wallet balance.

. It opens up new game play options for Hi-Sec players

. It means a player moving out of Hi-Sec can be familiar with the mechanic and more quickly productive / comfortable with aspects of their new home

. It will encourage players and groups (who are so inclined) to use the lessons learnt in Hi-Sec to try for better rewards out of Hi-Sec

I think all of that is a good thing.

I won’t be able to participate in this as a Hermit player in the initial land rush.  I wouldn’t expect to.  Maybe in a year or two down the track I could Ninja in on an abandoned moon somewhere.

Last thing to note is the result of the Blaze charity skin event.


I hope at some point in the future Mrs Blaze and Mini Blaze gain just a little comfort from having so many people thinking of them and Blaze.

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