CSM Winter Summit Notes

I put my back out a fortnight ago.  It is something I am all too familiar with.

It was attacked with the usual modified behaviour, exercises, twice weekly Physio visits, heat packs, painkillers, and this time round more powerful anti-inflammatory meds than normal.

Worryingly the recovery has been unexpectedly slow.  I haven’t been able to sit down for any period of time without noticeable consequence.  I’ve played no EVE, or World of Warships, or Dungeon and Dragons Online.

Thankfully I have finally seen an improvement in the last two days, but the whole situation has put me in a rather grumpy mood.  It is probably not the best time for me to have reviewed the CSM Winter Summit Minutes, which are available here:


What follows are just short notes I made as I (quickly) skimmed through the 70 something page document.  It is just whatever piqued my interest, generally with a solo / hermit bent.

(Note the page numbers may not be exactly right.  I could have also misquoted.  I didn’t have it in me to re-read the whole thing to make sure I got everything right.)

Pg 4 – A priority for CCP over the next six months is increasing the Daily Average User Count.  (For both old and new players.)  It will be a sign of the success (or not) of their efforts.

Pg 5 – A reference was made to acquisition attempts – as if it was common knowledge.  I couldn’t make sense of the subsequent conversation.   Might be something of interest in that.

Pg 5 – A  common thread through the whole document was the CSM wanting more time spent on fixing issues or adjusting existing features, instead of adding new ones.  This is almost the opposite of what I want, and stabbed at me every time they repeated it.

Pg 6 – CCP Guard stood up for / reminded the CSM of Players who just do their own thing without being associated with big groups or politics.

Pg 6 – Another common thread that popped up through the document was that CCP was thinking internally about the notion of cutting features that were not working.

Pg 6 – Another common thread that popped up through the document was that the CSM was focused on killing things, lamenting players were concentrate too much on Green Killboards, and how Nullification and Logistics made it harder to kill things, and how defenders have it way to easy.  At this point I was feeling so well represented by the CSM that I could barely make myself keep reading.

Pg 8 – Vague suggestions that Corps might be able to put up items in The Agency for their Corp mates – using templates and rewards they provide.

Pg 9 – The start of a few complaints about the Agency not being as good as it could be


By this point in the document it was apparent that Sort asked a whole lot of questions.  It did not change for the rest of the document.

Pg lost – Compromised Email Accounts was the biggest source of EVE Accounts getting hacked.  It was also a bigger source of RMT than Bots.

Pg 23 – The Badger and Navitas hull redesigns have been done.

Pg 23 – New acceleration gate activation effects and audio have or are being done.

Pg 24 – New players have not taken to the Resource War PVE sites, and CCP will not continue working on it.  Who would have guessed that.

Pg 28 – CCP Fozzie suggested at a small structure for Wormhole Day Tripping (to replace Small Towers) is being looked at with maybe a 2018 release date.  The first thing I felt any particular enthusiasm for.

Pg 31 – The bumping of tethered ships will not be considered an exploit.

Pg 36 – The Strategy Team is the leadership group responsible for the direction of EVE development at any given time.

Pg 36 – The push into mobile is one of their initiatives.  I am not sure I have really noticed any impact of that yet.

Pg 37 – The CSM once again pushed for fixing things in game – which was really fixing things in their part of the game.

Pg 39 – The CSM were given the opportunity to vote on the priority of 2018 features – which came down to Nullification, War Decs, FW, Fatigue, and having a Dedicated balancing team.

Pg 43 – Accelerators were viewed as the primary / most effective reward for Events.

Pg 44 – The February Event has some new skins that the CSM liked a lot.

Pg 46 – The Margin Trading skill will be changed this year.  The traditional scams using this skill will no longer work.

Pg 46 – I wasn’t entirely sure from the wording, but a CSM member suggested that R&D agents should be removed, and it seemed CCP was just waiting on priority or a team to be available to do it.

Pg 50 – A strange quote that suggested CPP was confused about game balancing priorities at the moment

Pg 62-3 – There was talk about hiring staff because the community team was not big enough to cover all its requirements.  (Derrr..)

Pg 64 – A note about the community feeling like the game was static. (Yep)

Pg 73 – Mission running is still the third biggest of the main activities in the game.

Pg 73 – Lots more people are using PI than you might think

Pg 75 – Sort worried that too much time was spent on finding New Players, instead of trying to get Veterans with their multiple accounts to come back

The summit finished up with the CSM suggesting CCP seemed a bit tired / flat / down.

I’m not sure how much more enthused I would have been without my back pain.  I suspect not much more.


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